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This page gives an overview of the current RFCs for PHP.

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In voting phase


Under Discussion

This section is for RFCs that have been announced on the PHP “internals” mail list.

In Draft

This section is for early drafts of RFCs that have NOT been announced on the PHP “internals” mail list.


Process and Policy

Pending Implementation

  • APXS LoadModule
    This RFC proposes the addition of an option to the configure script that allows the user to specify whether the main Apache .conf file should be appended with the LoadModule entry.
  • DateTime and Daylight Saving Time Transitions
    Defines expected behaviors and new features to improve how DateTime handles Daylight Saving Time transitions.
  • Null Coalesce Equal Operator
    Allow shorthand for self assigning null coalesce operator (Created 2016-03-09)
  • E_WARNING for invalid containers
    Raise E_WARNING for array access on invalid containers (Created 2016-07-27)
  • list() Reference Assignment
    This RFC proposes a new syntax to enable reference assignment with list(). (Created 2013/10/25, withdrawn 2014-05-15, Commandeered and Reopened: 2016-12-30, Accepted 2017-02-22)


Order in these sections: Language changes first, library changes later.

PHP Next (7.2)

PHP 7.1

PHP 7.0

PHP 5.6

PHP 5.5

PHP 5.4

Note: Many RFCs in this list have been mass voted.

PHP 5.3




This section is for RFCs that have been deferred, obsoleted, or appear to have been abandoned. Sorry if your RFC is added here and you feel it is still active; please move it back to the appropriate section.


  • Deprecate MCRYPT_RAND
    This RFC proposes the deprecation of MCRYPT_RAND in favor of selecting cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generators.
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