PHP RFC: Promote the PHP Foundation


The PHP Foundation was created to “support, advance, and develop the PHP Language” and currently funds a team of ten developers to foster that goal. There is currently no recognition of this work on the main PHP.net website.


This pull request is an example of how such recognition could be added: https://github.com/php/web-php/pull/821

This is out of scope for the usual RFC process, but because there is no real formal process around the community governance of the PHP project, it was suggested that discussing this on internals@ and putting it through the RFC process would be the best way to seek community approval for this.

Unaffected PHP Functionality

This does not impact the functionality of PHP at all.

Future Scope

Further discussion has been had about doing more to re-align the non-technical aspects of PHP community management under the auspices of the PHP Foundation. This is not that proposal, this is just about approving this pull request (or something similar in form).

Voting Choices

2/3rds majority required. Voting runs until January 31st, 2024, 00:00 UTC.


This was discussed on the internals@ mailing list here: https://externals.io/message/121861

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