PHP RFC: Abolish Short Votes


Under the Voting section of the current Voting RFC it states:

The voting has minimal period of 1 week, which can be extended when circumstances warrant it.

The ambiguous language used here means that some contributors feel comfortable bringing big features to vote with only a one week period of voting.

At this point in the life of PHP, there is no good reason to squeeze a vote into a single week, our release schedule (and flexibility thereof) allows us to allocate two weeks for any vote.


The above quoted text shall be removed from the Voting RFC and replaced with:

Votes should be open for two weeks at minimum, at the authors discretion this may be extended, for example during holiday periods.

A valid voting period must be declared when voting is started and must not be changed during the vote.

Should this RFC pass, the version number of the Voting RFC shall be amended, the rest of the document shall remain unchanged.

Open Issues


Proposed Voting Choices



Voting started 5th April 2019, finishes 19th April 2019.

Adopt the changes in this (abolish short votes) proposal?
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ashnazg (ashnazg)  
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Final result: 48 1
This poll has been closed.


Rejected Features

Keep this updated with features that were discussed on the mail lists.

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