PHP RFC: Change terminology to ExcludeList

Change the use of “blacklist” in Opcache configuration with better self-descriptive terminology.


The word “blacklist” require additional context to figure out the exact intention of a specific configuration. This proposal suggest to change this to a name that better reflects what the functionality does.


The proposal is to replace all occurrences of “blacklist” to the alternative “exclude_list”.

A list of Open Source projects with similar terminology change is listed in references section. There is also a draft IETF document.

Change INI directive name

A new INI directive called opcache.exclude_list_filename will be introduced and will configure the same internal value as the already existing opcache.blacklist_filename.

The INI directive called opcache.blacklist_filename will remain as is but with additional soft-deprecation in the docs and in php.ini-development and php.ini-production.

Change in opcache_get_configuration function

The opcache_get_configuration() function currently returns an associative array with information about Opcache. A new key named exclude_list will be added to resulting array with the same value as the original blacklist key which will remain untouched with additional soft-deprecation in the docs.

Backward Incompatible Changes

Most of the changes are internal only with two exceptions for which this patch requires RFC:

  1. The new opcache.exclude_list_filename INI directive
  2. An extra exclude_list key in the returned array value of opcache_get_configuration()

Whether the use of the opcache.blacklist_filename INI directive triggers a deprecation notice is a subject to a secondary vote.

Proposed PHP Version(s)

Next PHP version 8.0.

RFC Impact



To Existing Extensions

Only in Opcache.

To Opcache

This proposal modifies Opcache structure and function names by replacing “blacklist” with “exclude_list”.

php.ini Defaults

  • php.ini-development changed name of opcache.blacklist_filename into opcache.exclude_list_filename
  • php.ini-production changed name of opcache.blacklist_filename into opcache.exclude__filename

Future scope

The possibility to remove opcache.blacklist_filename INI directive and opcache_get_configuration()[“exclude_list”] in the next minor PHP version: 8.1.

Proposed Voting Choices

Accept changing terminology in PHP 8.0? Yes/No with 2/3 majority required. Add deprecation notice when deprecated INI directive used? Yes/No



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