PHP RFC: Autoload Classmap

  • Version: 1
  • Date: 2021-03-15
  • Author: Mark Randall, marandall@php.net
  • Status: Under Discussion
  • Target: 8.1


Currently, autoloading requires invoking a userland function that is then responsible for performing its own logic to determine the class location on disk, and including that file before returning.

Production autoloaders (notably composer) already generate a classmap to accelerate their own lookups. By allowing this lookup and file inclusion to be performed within the engine itself we can potentially save a large number of calls to the userland autoloader per request.


This RFC would introduce a new mechanism for autoloading classes via an internal classmap loader, that can be configured once per request by passing an associative array mapping each lowercase class name to its path on disk.

This proposal is written with the names autoload_xx rather than spl_autoload_ as an independent RFC will be proposed to alias the existing SPL autoload functions to simply autoload_xx (or whatever is eventually agreed upon). If that RFC fails, but this one passes, the implementation would use spl_autoload_xx names instead.

/* Sets the internal autoloader to use the given classmap */
autoload_set_classmap(array $mapping): void {}
/* Returns the existing classmap (or an empty array) */
autoload_get_classmap(): array {}


  • Setting the classmap can be performed once per request.
  • The associative array must contain lowercase class names as the keys, and the location on disk for the value.

The autoloader will:

  • Always check the classmap first if it is set.
  • (If Found) Trigger a TypeError if the key's associated value is not a string.
  • (If Found) Use the REQUIRE mechanism.
  • (If Found) Trigger an Error if the relevant class is not defined after including the file specified in the classmap.

If the classmap is not set, or the class name cannot be found within the classmap, the autoloader will continue to perform its traditional behaviour of iterating over the functions specified by spl_autoload_register.


Testing suggests that autoloading through an internal classmap delivers around 5% performance increase vs a userland function call (e.g. composer).

This is 5% of the cost of the autoloading, and not the execution as a whole. Testing was performed by creating 50,000 empty classes each in an individual file, and then autoloading every one of them in a loop. Amount of classes was purely to help reduce noise.

Average for internal classmap was 0.295 vs 0.313 for spl_autoload_register representing 5.9% difference (in autoload performance only).

Proposed PHP Version(s)

PHP 8.1

Proposed Voting Choices

Accept feature as proposed Yes / No


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