PHP RFC: Remove MCRYPT_RAND (Formerly: Deprecate MCRYPT_RAND)


MCRYPT_RAND should removed from PHP 7.0 so that developers are discouraged from using it in production systems or in frameworks used by other developers. MCRYPT_RAND is a constant that instructs mcrypt_create_iv() to use a non-cryptographically-secure entropy source. While IVs do not have the same secrecy requirements as a private key, they should be unpredictable. Using MCRYPT_RAND is therefore unsuitable for cryptographic applications.


The following changes should be made:

  • MCRYPT_RAND should be removed as of PHP 7.0.
  • With MCRYPT_RAND gone, mcrypt_create_iv() should transparently fall back to the default (currently MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM)

Backward Incompatible Changes

The MCRYPT_RAND constant will be removed, and support for it will also be removed.

Proposed PHP Version(s)

This proposal should be considered for the PHP 7.0.

Proposed Voting Choices

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State whether this project requires a 2/3 or 50%+1 majority (see voting)

Patches and Tests

The patch (and a relevant discussion) is already on GitHub


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