PHP RFC: Isset/Set Operator

  • Version: 0.1
  • Date: 2013-11-24
  • Author: Chris London, me chrislondon co
  • Status: Draft (Inactive)


Two new operators. ?= for setting the value of an unset or falsey variable. And ??: which acts like ?: except it it also checks is set.


?= Will be a new operator that allows the user to set an unset or falsey variable. This handy operator will help avoid dreaded unset variable notices.

  $foo ?= 'default';
  // which is functionally equivalent to:
  $foo = (isset($foo) && $foo) ? $foo : 'default';
  // or
  if (!isset($foo) || !$foo) $foo = 'default';

??: will be equivalent to the ternary short hand ?: except that it also checks for isset().

  // $bar is unset
  $foo = $bar ?: 'other'; // Throws undefined notice
  $foo = $bar ??: 'other'; // Does NOT throw undefined notice
  // ??: is functionally equivalent to:
  $foo = (isset($bar) && $foo) ? $bar : $other;

This will be very helpful for echoing default variables in HTML like so:

  <div class="<?= $user ??: 'guest' ?>"> ... </div>

Backward Incompatible Changes

Nothing yet.

Proposed PHP Version(s)

Next PHP 5.x

SAPIs Impacted

Not yet known.

Open Issues

Possible Alternatives To ?= Operator

  1. ?:=
  2. ||=
  3. @=

Possible Alternatives To ??: Operator

  1. ?::
  2. ?: (backward compatibility concerns)
  3. || (backward compatibility concerns)
  4. @:

Unaffected PHP Functionality

Future Scope

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Rejected Features

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