Request for Comments: Removal of curl-wrappers

  • Version: 1.0
  • Date: April, 16th 2013
  • Author: Pierrick Charron pierrick@php.net
  • Status: Implemented (in PHP 5.5)


This RFC is about removing the curl stream wrappers of the PHP as of 5.5 and to move it on PECL for any eventual improvements.

What this RFC is not about

This RFC is not about removing ext/curl from PHP.

What is the curl stream wrappers feature

The curl-stream-wrappers feature is a replacement for the php's stream implemenation, for fopen and other file_get_contents, not the curl_* functions.

Why should we remove it

  • This feature has been marked as experimental for years and never turned to stable
  • Most people using it just do so by accident
  • This experimental feature should be moved in a new PECL extension for improvements until it gets stable



Vote starts April 17th, and ends April 24th

Should we remove curl-wrappers
Real name Yes, as of PHP5.5 Yes, but in PHP.next only No, we should keep it
aharvey (aharvey)   
arpad (arpad)   
auroraeosrose (auroraeosrose)   
bjori (bjori)   
derick (derick)   
dm (dm)   
fa (fa)   
frozenfire (frozenfire)   
googleguy (googleguy)   
gwynne (gwynne)   
ircmaxell (ircmaxell)   
jpauli (jpauli)   
kalle (kalle)   
laruence (laruence)   
levim (levim)   
mbeccati (mbeccati)   
olemarkus (olemarkus)   
pajoye (pajoye)   
pierrick (pierrick)   
reeze (reeze)   
seld (seld)   
shm (shm)   
tyrael (tyrael)   
Final result: 19 4 0
This poll has been closed.


  • 2013-04-16: Initial version
  • 2013-04-17: Open votes
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