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The wiki

Welcome to the PHP Wiki pages! This wiki is mainly used to track internal development of the PHP project, so feel free to scour the wiki and join the project.


PHP 7 Discussions

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Random Bits


  • 2012/08/13
    • Note: This section isn't really updated anymore.
  • 2010/04/20
  • 2009/01/12
    • The wiki will be offline for about 30mins at 0100am CEST January 13th
  • 2008/08/31
  • 2008/06/29
    • It is now required to either enter a comment or check the “minor changes” checkbox when saving a page
    • Links to mailinglists and bug id's can now be written in a short hand syntax [[<list>@<message-id>]] and [[bugid@<bug-id>]]. Examples:
      • [[bugid@30329]] will create a link as follows bug #30329
      • [[php-internals@121474728513853|my link]] will create a link as follows my link
    • Registering on the wiki now requires solving a captcha from
    • The RSS feed now defaults to providing a diff of the changes.

Current State of this Wiki

This wiki is still under going development. Here are some notes on the current state:

  • People with a valid password can login without any additional configuration. However you cannot change your profile. To change your password or recover a lost password use the tools. You should have all rights to manage the wiki, but you do not have access to the admin panel.
  • We are leveraging namespaces to better separate content.
  • Especially in the beginning, try to think a bit when you add content to ensure that we start things off somewhat clean. I will be trying to housekeep the wiki a bit to prevent things from going totally crazy. Please do not add project specific links here and do not create project specific sections (like your favourite framework or library)
  • Users familiar with other wiki software, like MediaWiki (Wikipedia), may use the or look at this document for DokuWiki syntax overview.
  • Please do not move wiki pages around because this loses the changelog/history. For now, either ask an Admin to do the move, or wait for the ability to do this properly yourself. This feature will exist in the future.

A list of open todo items for this wiki is also available.

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