PHP.net web management

This wiki section relates to most php.net services, which are located in our GitHub repositories prefixed with web-* there. Services such as:

Note: Most development takes place under master, and rarely are branches/tags used within the web-* repositories.

Web Redesign : 2009-2013

The php.net site (web-php) was redesigned over the course of 4 years. The redesign goals focus on improved user experience in a variety of ways. Discussion took place on the php-webmaster mailing list and within this wiki.

The links below were helpful during the process, but the end result differs from what was discussed for various reasons.

  • Sitemap: Discussions surrounding the sitemap and how PHP.net content will be grouped
  • Mockups: Several mockups for the redesign
  • Howtohelp: Task and idea list of how to join the effort
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