The Google Summer of Code

Each summer the Google Summer of Code sponsors students to work on Open Source projects. This Wiki introduces ideas, guidelines, and goals involving how we handle the SoC process.

Current happenings (2010)

Not much done is yet, except GSoC students may propose their own ideas (to -OR- choose one from the ideas page.

How to get involved

If you have an idea, or are interested in the ideas listed here, or simply want to have a conversation with humans living within the PHP project, then check out the #php.pecl (for PEAR proposals use #pear) IRC channel on Efnet or write the mailing list.


  1. Explain how to use the mailing lists (signup) and what an IRC is



Students either submit proposals of their own, or seek and work with ideas provided by the PHP project to work on.


We made some experiences with GSoC and have some ideas to improve. Probably there will be a GSoC 2009 so let's collect all of the plans to improve:

General Notes

The License, Copyright, and Credits should follow the general guidelines of the given part of the PHP Project. In other words, use the PHP License.

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