This page is up-to-date as of Friday, 11 October 2013.


  • Remove “Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the largest social networking site in the world.” Even if it is true (I doubt we could claim the second part any more) it's marketing nonsense: we don't need to sell anyone at this point.
    • We could probably put something really important in this space; ideas?
  • Move event and group information into links. Done.

Documentation issues

  • Find a new home for report a bug and edit this page. (Or maybe just edit this page)
  • A lot of users seem to want us to add the Previous and Next links back in.
  • Linking to certain sections of a documentation page doesn't work properly (the fixed-menu hides content you linked to)
  • The documentation pages need to be full-width (or at least wider). Done, but maybe revisit again.
  • We've trimmed away too much stuff. Probably need an “Other Sites” option.
  • Re-add a link to php.net/my somewhere.
  • Search is in a bad state.
    • Re-add auto-complete (and please, don't import the whole jQuery UI to do it! If you use jQuery UI, just grab the bits you need)
    • It screws up language selection. Can this be helped now we are on google search?
  • Remove mega drop-down because of numerous usability and technical issues Done.
  • Split left-hand navigation on documentation. Add the top bits of the navigation to a breadcrumbs-like navigation. Done.

Miscellaneous issues

  • 'the typography is horrible, navigation makes no sense, “begin tutorial” button looks like a css mistake, the arrow for download php 5.3 looks unconnected to anything, “thanks to” block makes no sense' - tereško
  • Mobile device friendliness. -- Partially done.
  • Make user group events dynamic (preferably localized somehow). -- Is this done?
  • Use the moderated flickr group feed (http://www.flickr.com/groups/elephpants) for the elephpant pics
  • Remove 'Thanks To' Done.

Tweeted concrete feedback

Howto hack on stuff?

Execute https://wiki.php.net/web/mirror#i_m_lazy_just_give_me_something_to_execute

Hack on whatever you don't think is pretty, or add functionality you want. Once you have something you would like to share, create a patch (`git diff > my.changes.patch.txt`) and send it to php-webmaster@lists.php.net or create a pull request on github.

I want to share my 2cents regularly

Subscribe to the webmaster mailinglist (send blank email to php-webmaster-subscribe@lists.php.net) and participate in the discussions there.

I want to modify this page

Register for an wiki account (https://wiki.php.net/start?do=register) and send a quick “I am human” email to php-webmaster@lists.php.net confirming your wishes to edit this page.

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