Release Managers

  • Julien Pauli (
  • Ferenc Kovacs (


Date Release Comment
Jan 16 2014 Alpha1 No new RFCs
March 16 2014 Beta1 No new features
May 16 2014 RC1
June 16 2014 Final

RFC merged


RM stuff

  • Make sure that we don't have unintentional BC breaks, and every change is mentioned in the appropriate place (NEWS/UPGRADING/etc.).
  • Work together with the documentation team, so the docs are already up to date when the final 5.6.0 is released.
  • Make sure that the credits are up-to-date(ext/standard/credits.c, ext/standard/credits_ext.h, ext/standard/credits_sapi.h).


  • Engine changes should be reported to Zend team for OPCache patching if needed (ping dmitry/laruence).


  • Merge UTF-8 IO support for Windows patch (this is still not done, I think this should wait for the next version)
  • Sort out the unserialize issue(provide an upgrade path for phpunit and co.).


  • Update to latest sqlite3 (
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