5.3.1 Merge status

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# author date msg merge
288028 pajoye 2009-09-04T06:59:08.269398Z - be sure that we use the user token by default (Christian Wenz)merged
288034 srinatar 2009-09-04T07:59:48.702767Z - Fixed bug #49447 (php engine need to correctly check for socket API return status on windows). (Sriram Natarajan) merged
288038 jani 2009-09-04T11:02:40.242591Z I have no idea. This might or might not fix a bug in some branch. At least it
288067 pajoye 2009-09-04T19:53:39.298845Z - #49464, fix buildmerged
288081 jani 2009-09-05T17:07:14.832961Z - Fixed bug #49182 (PHP CGI always outputs the shebang line)merged
288083 pajoye 2009-09-05T17:35:26.749698Z - fix #49274, filter_var does not accept object without a toString implementationmerged
288085 pajoye 2009-09-05T18:10:31.800207Z - add test for #48746merged
288087 felipe 2009-09-05T18:22:16.941199Z - Drop unused varmerged
288088 pajoye 2009-09-05T19:00:05.696552Z - don't hide early declarationmerged
288096 pajoye 2009-09-05T21:16:05.640877Z - don't hide previous declarationmerged
288109 moriyoshi 2009-09-06T14:43:09.834693Z - Fix leaks. no
288110 pajoye 2009-09-06T15:56:58.326315Z - revert last commit, breaks the build and needs test case(s)No
288111 felipe 2009-09-06T17:41:34.592802Z - Fixed bug #49483 (preg_replace 'subject' parameter listed as optional) merged
288116 pajoye 2009-09-06T22:01:18.219937Z - fix #40013, php_uname() doesnt return nodename (MFH)merged
288117 iliaa 2009-09-07T02:35:25.164727Z Fixed bug #49470 (FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL allows disallowed characters). merged
288132 iliaa 2009-09-07T14:18:46.092400Z Fixed tests no
288159 derick 2009-09-08T14:03:53.976421Z - Updated to version 2009.13 (2009m)merged
288202 uw 2009-09-09T17:03:03.752942Z Next attempt to fix Patch by Andrey. merged
288203 uw 2009-09-09T17:10:29.929573Z Tests for (libmysql only) . The simple fix suggested in the bug system is not good enough, therefore no fix yet. merged
288204 uw 2009-09-09T17:16:24.966967Z Some extra test coverage for . merged
288208 uw 2009-09-09T18:31:00.754008Z Andrey fixed the bug but the test was somewhat borked. Fixing test. merged
288215 felipe 2009-09-10T01:20:42.379615Z - Possible fix for bug #49344 on Windows (pdo_mssql fails to connect,throws PDOException SQLSTATE[] (null) (severity 0)) merged
288216 iliaa 2009-09-10T02:15:08.553459Z Fixed test no
288244 jani 2009-09-10T15:05:34.566751Z - Fix skipsno
288246 jani 2009-09-10T16:19:42.096103Z - Simplified a bit and fixed possible memory corruption and definate leak.merged
288260 moriyoshi 2009-09-11T08:22:19.637231Z - Fix bug #49528 (UTF-16 strings prefixed by BOM wrongly converted). no
288263 uw 2009-09-11T12:16:56.289608Z Fixing a crash which must have existed since PHP 5.0. At least the crash can be reproduced with PHP 5.0.6. The crash happens only when using the MySQL Client Library (libmysql) - it does not happen when using mysqlnd. merged
288265 uw 2009-09-11T12:28:47.121079Z Stepping back to PHP 5.2.x and earlier logic of allocating even huge pieces of memory for large BLOB types to avoid data truncation. This fixes the test failure of 005.phpt when using MySQL Client Library (libmysql). The test does pass with mysqlnd because mysqlnd does not have any issues here. merged
288267 uw 2009-09-11T13:38:47.721990Z Fix for bug #49357 (MySQLi extension fails to recognize POINT (spatial) colums). Do yourself a favour and use mysqlnd. mysqlnd has no isuses here. If you insist on using the MySQL Client Library (libmysql) I strongly recommend to use mysqli_stmt_store_result() when fetching geometry data using prepared statements. When streaming data, which is the default for prepared statements, ext/mysqli will have to make a guess on the size of the result buffer it needs. The guess is based on a length reported by the MySQL CLient Library (libmysql). The MySQL Client Library reports 4GB (!) for a POINT - a conservative and safe guess. Consequently, ext/mysqli will try to allocate 4GB of RAM. The true (maximum) size of the column is not available before buffering the result on the client using mysqli_stmt_store_result(). If you call mysqli_stmt_store_result(), the result buffers will not get bigger than needed. However, store_result()/buffering is usually not what you want when you ask for prepared statements. merged
288273 moriyoshi 2009-09-11T21:26:18.001300Z - Fix bug #49536 (mb_detect_encoding() returns incorrect results when strict_mode is turned on.) (patch by komura, thanks!) no
288274 wharmby 2009-09-11T21:57:04.036733Z Add missing SKIPIFno
288291 iliaa 2009-09-13T13:14:11.112775Z Fixed test no
288293 felipe 2009-09-13T14:42:36.293548Z - Fixed warnings (Kalle) ?
288301 moriyoshi 2009-09-14T04:11:29.020211Z - Looks like bug #48697 has already been fixed in RC1. no
288329 iliaa 2009-09-14T12:50:30.016856Z Fixed certificate validation inside php_openssl_apply_verification_policy merged
288339 pajoye 2009-09-14T18:46:56.521316Z - Fix #48746, improve fix to support all possible cases (see latest comment in the report)merged
288345 moriyoshi 2009-09-15T00:09:13.607009Z - WS fix (spaces to tabs) no
288348 pajoye 2009-09-15T15:47:06.452462Z - #49253, add support for libcurl's CERTINFO optionno
288351 iliaa 2009-09-15T16:54:11.862306Z Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.18. merged
288354 rasmus 2009-09-15T20:28:42.108501Z Fix bug #49558 And as Colin mentioned in the bug report, this means date_sunrise() and date_sunset() have been off by 26 seconds in most cases until now. merged
288357 wharmby 2009-09-15T21:44:08.223477Z Fix SKIPIF sectionsno
288364 jani 2009-09-16T06:56:37.466942Z - What a
288378 uw 2009-09-16T15:00:54.277518Z Fix and tests for bug #49511 . mysqlnd and the MySQL Client Library (libmysql) use different networking APIs. mysqlnd does use PHP streams whereas libmysql uses its own wrapper of the operating level network calls. PHP sets by default a read timeout of 60s for streams - php.ini, default_socket_timeout. This default applies to all streams that set no other timeout value. mysqlnd has not set any other value and therefore it connections of long running queries can have been cut off after default_socket_timeout seconds resulting in a 2006 - MySQL Server has gone away error message. The MySQL Client Library sets a default timeout of 365 * 24 * 3600 seconds (1year) and waits for other timeouts to happen, e.g. TCP/IP timeouts. mysqlnd now uses the same very long timeout. The value is configurable through a new php.ini setting: mysqlnd.net_read_timeout. mysqlnd.net_read_timeout gets used by any extension (ext/mysql, ext/mysqli, PDO_MySQL) that uses mysqlnd. mysqlnd tells PHP Streams to use mysqlnd.net_read_timeout. Please note that there may be subtle differences between MYSQL_OPT_READ_TIMEOUT from the MySQL Client Library and PHP Streams. E.g. MYSQL_OPT_READ_TIMEOUT is documented to work only for TCP/IP connections and, prior to MySQL 5.1.2, only for Windows. PHP streams may not have this limitation. Please check the streams documentation, if in doubt.merged
288379 uw 2009-09-16T17:03:44.880933Z Fix (by Andrey) and test for bug #49442 . Don't use efree() for memory allocated with malloc()... If a connection gets created by mysqli_init(), mysqlnd makes it 'persistent'. 'Persistent' means that mysqlnd uses malloc(). mysqlnd does use malloc() instead of ealloc() because it is unknown if the connection will become a true persistent connection in the sense of ext/mysqli. It is unknown if the user wants a persistent connection or not until the user calls mysqli_real_connect(). To avoid tricky conversions mysqlnd uses malloc(), which sets a private persistent flag in the mysqlnd structures. A precondition for the crash to happen was that the private persistent flag is set. The flag is also set when creating a real persistent connection (in the sense of ext/mysqli) and so the bug can happen with mysql_init()/mysqli_real_connect() and mysql_connect('p:<host>', ...). Therefore we test both cases. Note the (tricky?) difference between the implementation detail'mysqlnd private persistent flag = use malloc()' and persistent connections from a user perspective. Although mysqlnd will always set its private persistent flag and use malloc() for connections created with mysqli_init() it is still up to the user to decide in mysqli_real_connect() if the connection shall become a (true) persistent connection or not.merged
288380 sebastian 2009-09-16T17:24:46.443481Z Merge ReflectionMethod::setAccessible() to PHP 5.3.2, approved by
288384 felipe 2009-09-16T18:01:10.675351Z - Fixed ZTS build no
288393 srinatar 2009-09-17T02:45:25.258058Z - Fixed bug #49572 (use of C++ style comments causes build failure) merged
288396 uw 2009-09-17T07:11:25.887443Z better coverage for mysqli_infomerged
288411 andrey 2009-09-17T15:13:14.492384Z MFH, a fix not included by the fix committed by Ulf. pemalloc and then efree - too bad! Sorry for committing in two passes, my big tree is already patched with compressed. merged
288437 andrey 2009-09-18T10:49:31.035791Z MFH:Fix for bug#48754 mysql_close() crash php when no handle specified merged
288439 andrey 2009-09-18T14:33:08.405276Z MFH:Fix for bug#48909 Segmentation fault in mysqli_stmt_execute merged
288446 bjori 2009-09-18T22:01:58.689670Z Throw some credit around merged
288447 bjori 2009-09-18T22:26:44.314071Z Fix typo in comment (danbrown)merged
288448 bjori 2009-09-18T23:06:21.300257Z And now use proper colspanning merged
288462 pajoye 2009-09-19T20:54:34.851997Z - fix ACL cache for read checkmerged
288494 kalle 2009-09-21T03:20:31.787988Z Fix NEWSno
288509 dmitry 2009-09-21T08:28:53.877981Z Fixed tests no
288510 uw 2009-09-21T08:36:14.899254Z Fixing test - the standard test table will not accept NULL values for column idmerged
288511 uw 2009-09-21T08:59:00.420829Z Fixing test: references has to be collected even if the users disables the collection of statistics. It is needed for memory management.merged
288514 uw 2009-09-21T09:35:23.103962Z Fixing mysqli_get_client_stats.phpt. More testing for MYSQLI_INIT_COMMANDmerged
288515 dmitry 2009-09-21T09:52:19.642214Z Fixed tests merged
288516 uw 2009-09-21T10:06:13.078845Z Fixing mysqli_result_references_mysqlnd.phpmerged
288517 uw 2009-09-21T10:16:44.098392Z Not nice but neither the MySQL Client Library not mysqlnd are supposed to detect invalid flags. Therefore: fixing testmerged
288518 dmitry 2009-09-21T11:22:13.377504Z Fixed memory leak merged
288519 dmitry 2009-09-21T11:30:38.740058Z Fixed tests no
288520 dmitry 2009-09-21T11:38:14.817703Z Fixed tests no
288522 uw 2009-09-21T11:54:15.714883Z Fixing testmerged
288523 uw 2009-09-21T12:02:30.539296Z Fixing test by calling it a known limit. We keept the test failing as a reminder to think about how to handle BIT(32) and up but none of us has an idea. Thinks work fine up to BIT(31) - the limitation should be documented.merged
288524 dmitry 2009-09-21T13:01:17.666692Z Fixed memleak in tests/lang/engine_assignExecutionOrder_001.phpt merged
288531 uw 2009-09-21T14:20:05.111677Z Moving test code around to get test failures down without testing less. Users of the MySQL Client Lib should always call stmt_bind_result after execute - not before.merged
288532 dmitry 2009-09-21T14:32:20.746567Z Fixed tests (“none” is an alias of “false” and it can't be used as a string value of ini option) no
288535 dmitry 2009-09-21T15:23:25.637676Z Fixed tests (removed irrelevant check which makes test to fail from time to time) no
288537 uw 2009-09-21T15:24:47.231000Z Fixing testmerged
288541 uw 2009-09-21T15:59:22.071789Z Fixing testmerged
288546 iliaa 2009-09-22T01:17:16.718907Z Fixed build with older version of libcurl no
288547 uw 2009-09-22T06:59:04.634278Z Fixing test. Can't wait to see the new run-tests materialize for detecting skip section parse errors.merged
288548 uw 2009-09-22T07:11:50.904206Z Fixing test. There is nothing we can do about the MySQL Client Library allocate huge 4GB buffers for some SQL types.merged
288551 dmitry 2009-09-22T07:54:06.607158Z Fixed ext/spl/tests/arrayObject_magicMethods2.phpt no
288554 dmitry 2009-09-22T08:22:29.784416Z Fixed test (removed “bad” locale) no
288555 uw 2009-09-22T08:42:44.372018Z Fixing testmerged
288557 jani 2009-09-22T09:41:39.067702Z - Move tests in the right location?
288558 dmitry 2009-09-22T10:15:10.809761Z Fixed test (it failed from time to time because of very small timeouts) ?
288562 uw 2009-09-22T11:58:46.263621Z Fixing testmerged
288565 nlopess 2009-09-22T12:12:43.934351Z spread some svn:ignore love?
288567 nlopess 2009-09-22T12:30:21.902476Z allow tests to pass when a random username is used. patch by Olivier Doucet?
288571 andrey 2009-09-22T13:59:29.970005Z MFH: Fix handling of BIT fields in mysqli, when libmysql is used We need to use macros from mysqlnd to be able to read the bit fields, as they are specially encoded. mysqlnd is always there, 5.3+, so its macros can be used, even if mysqlnd is not compiled as library of choice. merged
288575 andrey 2009-09-22T14:44:11.185184Z MFH:Check for the different types and create the corresponding configuration file, so it can be used by mysqli, even if mysqlnd is not enabled at all. merged
288578 dmitry 2009-09-22T14:52:47.527614Z Fixed tests which fail from time to time because of race conditions (“echo” command didn't wait for all the data php tried to send and as result php got a SIGPIPE) no
288580 andrey 2009-09-22T15:08:11.212291Z MFH:Fix handling of BIT fields for non-PS. We need macros from mysqlnd to be able to convert a bit stream to a number. merged
288583 uw 2009-09-22T15:31:35.848829Z mysqlnd supports INIT_COMMAND and so we can add it to PDO_MYSQL @ mysqlndmerged
288585 felipe 2009-09-22T18:18:57.462403Z - Fixed bug #49630 (imap_listscan function missing) # Missing PHP_FE(), though nowdays it is used through of two aliases. (imap_scan() and imap_scanmailbox()) merged
288597 iliaa 2009-09-23T00:18:32.125885Z Fixed compiler warning no
288598 felipe 2009-09-23T02:08:19.354954Z - Fixed bug #49531 (CURLOPT_INFILESIZE sometimes causes warning “CURLPROTO_FILE cannot be set ...”) merged
288603 dmitry 2009-09-23T08:33:23.086404Z Fixed compilation error merged
288604 dmitry 2009-09-23T10:25:54.209193Z Fixed ext/standard/tests/streams/stream_get_contents_002.phpt no
288613 moriyoshi 2009-09-23T15:22:47.013258Z - Fixed bug #49354 (mb_strcut() cuts wrong length when offset is within a multibyte character). (This bug was introduced by the commit by r202895. Please double-check the specification of the function you are going to *fix*.) no
288629 iliaa 2009-09-23T23:14:17.008352Z Fixed unused var no
288638 uw 2009-09-24T08:19:56.878940Z Coverage for the OO variants of some functionsmerged
288644 uw 2009-09-24T09:40:24.600024Z Fixing testmerged
288649 tony2001 2009-09-24T10:43:13.934790Z save LDFLAGS in EXTRA_LDFLAGS before unsetting this patch makes sure that LDFLAGS are taken into account when configuring the build no
288652 rrichards 2009-09-24T12:40:59.475828Z fix memleakno
288653 uw 2009-09-24T12:51:03.618170Z Proxying as many connect calls as possible to make testing of the compression protocol @ mysqlnd easier. By setting the environment variable MYSQL_TEST_COMPRESS you can tell the tests to set the MYSQLI_CLIENT_COMPRESS flag upon connect.merged
288654 rrichards 2009-09-24T13:18:22.225184Z Fixed bug #49647 (DOMUserData does not exist)no
288676 jani 2009-09-24T18:01:17.835457Z - Fix the build issue with php_mysqlnd_config.h ending up in wrong build directorymerged
288677 srinatar 2009-09-24T18:20:49.454373Z - Fixed bug #49571 (CURLOPT_POSTREDIR not implemented). No
288679 iliaa 2009-09-24T18:59:28.718788Z Make tempnam() return FALSE on error as documented merged
288693 jani 2009-09-24T22:40:15.118295Z fnno
288705 felipe 2009-09-25T01:46:58.183464Z - Fixed mem leak merged
288707 felipe 2009-09-25T02:07:41.019355Z - Fix test no
288741 andrey 2009-09-25T10:37:44.738211Z Fix possible crash when conn is NULL merged
288743 andrey 2009-09-25T10:52:29.951985Z Fix error code checking for mysql_stmt_attr_set. There is a test that checks this. merged
288745 uw 2009-09-25T10:54:16.122276Z Replacing MYSQL_TEST_COMPRESS env var with more generic MYSQL_TEST_CONNECT_FLAGS to be able to test all connection flags. Fixing some test.merged
288746 andrey 2009-09-25T10:55:06.935556Z Remove unused variable merged
288747 uw 2009-09-25T10:56:17.662406Z Large package to check how compression handles package queues.merged
288749 andrey 2009-09-25T11:38:19.519284Z Fix a crash in the rare case when a persistent connection is found dead, after CHNG_USER. mysql->mysql will be NULL and segfault will follow. merged
288784 andrey 2009-09-25T12:25:54.343292Z Fix mysqli_stmt_attr_set in libmysql mode. mysql_stmt_attr_set returns my_bool instead of int. If it was int, then 0 is success and !0 is failure, but for my_bool 0 (FALSE) is failure and !0 is success. merged
288793 uw 2009-09-25T13:21:44.363008Z Trying to respect time limit to please Andrey who must be using slooow hardware...merged
288834 rasmus 2009-09-26T00:53:59.795315Z Refix bug #49558 as per bug #49676 merged
288848 felipe 2009-09-26T16:54:08.967420Z - Fixed tests no
288850 felipe 2009-09-26T17:59:33.439873Z - Fixed tests no
288875 iliaa 2009-09-28T03:14:46.715825Z Fixed test no
288892 uw 2009-09-28T10:39:42.939659Z Allow setting of default connection flags through the environment variable MYSQL_TEST_CONNECT_FLAGSmerged
288893 uw 2009-09-28T10:42:36.464464Z Fixing testmerged
288896 rasmus 2009-09-28T13:29:53.659330Z Fix for bug #49698 merged
288907 kalle 2009-09-28T15:07:37.944267Z NEWS for Rasmus' bug fixTBM
288922 rdohms 2009-09-28T22:57:41.613386Z Adding tests for bug #49692 no
288940 rasmus 2009-09-29T13:56:51.056779Z Fix date_sunrise/date_sunset tests merged
288943 rasmus 2009-09-29T14:02:50.915943Z Add missing open_basedir check in posix_mkfifo merged
288945 rasmus 2009-09-29T14:14:02.381038Z Fixed a safe_mode bypass in tempnam() identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. merged
288946 rdohms 2009-09-29T14:34:06.585880Z Fixing tests for head and wrong SKIPIF blocksno
288953 uw 2009-09-29T16:37:50.106997Z Fixing testmerged
288973 iliaa 2009-09-30T02:34:17.154833Z Fixed bug #49517 (cURL's CURLOPT_FILE prevents file from being deleted after fclose). merged
288988 pajoye 2009-09-30T11:53:29.535079Z - restore W3 flag to get usefull errors (unused vars, etc.)no
288993 dmitry 2009-09-30T13:04:28.997614Z pcntl_exec() should inherit environment in case it's not provided as an argument no
289004 uw 2009-09-30T14:39:33.400108Z Fixing a leak in mysqlnd when passing invalid fetch modes to mysqlnd.merged
289019 iliaa 2009-09-30T20:48:41.337279Z Fixed bug #48805 (IPv6 socket transport is not working). merged
289027 andrey 2009-09-30T22:26:19.663746Z Fix trace output. DBG_RETURN should be used in traced functions. merged
289028 andrey 2009-09-30T23:13:43.825366Z Use mnd_ wrappers wherever possible. Needed for statistics. merged
289030 andrey 2009-09-30T23:34:56.961970Z Fix ZTS build merged
289039 sixd 2009-10-01T05:51:11.074183Z PECL Bug #16842 (oci_error return false when NO_DATA_FOUND is raised)merged
289040 sixd 2009-10-01T06:06:41.761556Z Eliminate type warnings. This change is not needed in other branchesno
289042 sixd 2009-10-01T06:22:32.263926Z Add xmltype_02.phpt. Add XFAIL to xmltype_01 for PHP 6no
289046 uw 2009-10-01T08:56:28.295476Z Updating test because of
289049 pajoye 2009-10-01T13:55:16.915100Z - fix #49732, fix crash when timestamp conversion failsmerged
289052 sixd 2009-10-01T14:56:53.183057Z Add PECL bug #16842 no
289053 jani 2009-10-01T15:55:05.865912Z pff, no idea what is merged where by who and when and
289076 srinatar 2009-10-02T00:13:53.164081Z - Fixed bug #49738 (calling mcrypt after mcrypt_generic_deinit crashes). merged
289080 sixd 2009-10-02T04:19:48.448197Z Fix skipifs to accept Oracle 11.2no
289095 sixd 2009-10-02T20:16:59.603490Z refactor testsno
289113 sixd 2009-10-02T22:39:28.999968Z Oracle 11.2 (and beyond) compat changes?
289123 pajoye 2009-10-03T10:19:06.645235Z - drop unused var and fix examplemerged
289143 felipe 2009-10-03T20:45:29.209684Z - Fix some arginfos (thanks Philip) - Added arginfo info. for void params no
289214 dmitry 2009-10-05T13:56:49.464635Z Fixed bug #49627 (error_log to specified file does not log time according to date.timezone) merged
289216 iliaa 2009-10-05T14:45:54.068103Z Fixed bug #49757 (long2ip() can return wrong value in a multi-threaded applications). # original patch by Florian Anderiasch merged
289233 sixd 2009-10-05T22:51:21.193699Z Fix diff when full connection string used. Clean up helper filesno
289234 sixd 2009-10-05T22:57:48.360760Z Fix odd little diff in some environments. No need for trunk mergeno
289244 jani 2009-10-06T10:00:53.386922Z pffno
289247 andrey 2009-10-06T10:33:23.225481Z count the queries merged
289249 andrey 2009-10-06T12:53:01.347528Z revert the last change merged
289250 colder 2009-10-06T13:34:56.601574Z Fix bug #49263 (Offset error when unserializing self-references in SplObjectStorage)no
289264 sixd 2009-10-06T22:36:32.542148Z 1. Introduce connection attribute functions: oci_set_module_name oci_set_action oci_set_client_info oci_set_client_identifier These functions set values that are visible and used by the database. They aid tracing, authentication and auditing. 2. Introduce connection attribute function: oci_set_edition Oracle 11g R2 “editions” allow multiple versions of DB objects to exist at one time. By setting different editions, two different versions of an application can run concurrently, making upgrades or A/B testing easier. 3. Introduce OCI_NO_AUTO_COMMIT as an alias for the OCI_DEFAULT constant (which is not the default value) used by oci_execute(). 4. Allow the oci_set_prefetch value to be 0. This is important in some cases using REF CURSORS in Oracle 11gR2. 5. Set the DRIVER_NAME attribute of Oracle Database 11gR2 connections to aid application tracing. The value used is to “PHP OCI8” followed by the OCI8 version number. Note the version number may get truncated in DB views such as v$session_connect_info. 6. Generate an error if an invalid resource type is used in oci_bind_by_name [DOC] Documentation will be added for the changes no
289266 sixd 2009-10-06T23:21:11.726166Z bump verno
289279 iliaa 2009-10-07T12:46:29.874917Z Fixed bug #49800 (SimpleXML allow (un)serialize() calls without warning). # original patch by wmeler at wp-sa dot pl no
289285 andrey 2009-10-07T17:33:51.866564Z Increase the minimal size of the command buffer, which is used for sending queries and in the future commpressed patch for reading almost all packets from the wire instead of using stack buffers. merged
289287 mbeccati 2009-10-07T17:40:16.710506Z - Fixed bug #48764 (PDO_pgsql::query always uses implicit prepared statements if v3 proto available) # original patch by Mark Kirkwood no
289339 uw 2009-10-08T11:40:16.594616Z Fixing pconnect statistics.merged
289341 jani 2009-10-08T14:21:53.926519Z - Fixed bug #49809 (time_sleep_until is not available on solaris)merged
289351 uw 2009-10-08T16:33:17.354393Z Avoid buffer resizing and let the initial buffer allocation happen a couple of lines later with conn->m->set_client_option(conn, MYSQLND_OPT_NET_CMD_BUFFER_SIZE, ...). Andrey, I leave it to you to change the default size to 128k. merged
289366 pajoye 2009-10-08T20:28:21.721025Z - [DOC] add enchant_broket_set_dict_path and enchant_broker_get_dict_path - add constants ENCHANT_MYSPELL and ENCHANT_ISPELL merged
289368 pajoye 2009-10-08T20:40:48.416686Z - typomerged
289372 pajoye 2009-10-08T20:59:50.227832Z - missing definemerged
289411 moriyoshi 2009-10-09T10:02:38.387180Z - Fixed bug #49785 (insufficient input string validation of htmlspecialchars()). ?
289429 moriyoshi 2009-10-09T17:13:05.969697Z - More tests to go. ?
289445 garretts 2009-10-09T19:43:00.378128Z - changed ini file directives [PATH=](on Win32) and [HOST=](on all) to be case insensitive (garretts)merged
289446 felipe 2009-10-09T20:01:16.258144Z - Fixed build and comment-style merged
289531 felipe 2009-10-11T15:23:09.847502Z - Fix compiler warning merged
289546 pajoye 2009-10-11T20:50:53.472451Z - #48779, don't loop twice over the path charsmerged
289547 pajoye 2009-10-11T21:04:35.728658Z - fix possible issue in TS environment (we don't have to do that anymore anyway in 5.3+)merged
289554 moriyoshi 2009-10-11T23:52:33.624081Z - A couple more fix for my previous fix. (one of the fix by Arnaud Le Blanc. Thanks!) ?
289557 pajoye 2009-10-12T10:01:37.654579Z - check max colors while loading gd2 palette image (patch by Tomas Hoger)merged
289567 moriyoshi 2009-10-12T14:29:45.055564Z - Bug #49785: take 4 - typo. this flaw is unharmful since the return value of get_next_char() is only used when UTF-8 is specified to the third argument. ?
289568 pajoye 2009-10-12T14:40:27.838218Z - #48779, improve fix, drop usage of _tolower and use zend_strtolowermerged
289581 felipe 2009-10-12T17:09:11.706621Z - Fixed PDORow and PDOStatement crashes when instantiating throught Reflection merged
289587 felipe 2009-10-12T19:04:00.425143Z - Fixed possible crash when calling SQLiteDatabase::{ArrayQuery, SingleQuery} methods using Reflection merged
289593 felipe 2009-10-12T19:23:07.272196Z - BFN no
289605 moriyoshi 2009-10-13T05:18:37.491419Z - Bug #49785: take 5. What the hell happened to me... ?
289612 derick 2009-10-13T08:16:35.876201Z - Updated to version 2009.14 (2009n)merged
289621 stas 2009-10-13T19:58:59.672851Z fix crash for bug #47627 merged
289622 stas 2009-10-13T20:10:07.792280Z add safeguard for UpdateIniFromRegistry on NULL arg merged
289623 stas 2009-10-13T20:54:28.131617Z oops, that doesn't belong to this patch merged
289624 iliaa 2009-10-14T01:32:07.244902Z Fixed bug #49847 (exec() fails to return data inside 2nd parameter, given output lines >4095 bytes). merged
289666 iliaa 2009-10-15T12:26:54.772992Z Fixed bug #49855 (import_request_variables() always returns NULL). no
289667 pajoye 2009-10-15T13:09:25.660970Z - #48779, fix another use case where / usage may differmerged
289672 uw 2009-10-15T15:49:40.003393Z Fixing problems when calling connect (again and again) on a valid connection handle. Most of the patch comes from Andrey.?
289684 uw 2009-10-15T20:46:08.185860Z Making mysqlnd emit no warnings when fetching pooled persistent connections that have timed out or are unusable for any other reason - bug #49761?
289690 scottmac 2009-10-16T01:56:36.253359Z Update libsqlite to 3.6.19 merged
289691 scottmac 2009-10-16T02:10:52.161417Z Part fix for bug #49224 ?
289692 scottmac 2009-10-16T02:22:48.001486Z Add metadata support to the bundled version of libsqlite on Windows, part of bug #49206. Will commit the new feature part separately. ?
289695 nlopess 2009-10-16T10:51:29.898790Z ignore php_mysqlnd_config.h file?
289696 uw 2009-10-16T13:02:01.239086Z Extending mysqlnd statistics/monitoring. Now counting COM_* commands.?
289706 stas 2009-10-16T23:34:31.271343Z improve fix for #49767 and #47627 - make PHP report “no script” on 404 again merged
289741 uw 2009-10-19T12:09:48.506783Z Fixing host info for TCP/IP and aligning mysqlnd and libmysql?
289742 jani 2009-10-19T12:37:17.807113Z fn?
289746 uw 2009-10-19T12:55:11.378787Z MySQL server and metadata - a sad story... trying to make the test pass with a few more server versions?
289750 jani 2009-10-19T15:34:50.065092Z - It is not const in PHP_5_2 but it is in HEAD and PHP_5_3?
289751 uw 2009-10-19T16:07:10.142271Z mysqlnd is a bit more verbose than libmysql - silence mysqlnd here for easier comparison of test results.?
289752 derick 2009-10-19T16:29:13.623087Z - Updated to version 2009.15 (2009o)merged
289763 pajoye 2009-10-19T19:02:12.239596Z - add custom DLL to the package and fix the path to the deps bin (needs absolute path in some cases)merged
289768 pajoye 2009-10-19T19:58:45.146415Z - we don't distribute the crt9 dll, don't try to add itmerged
289770 uw 2009-10-19T20:07:25.814678Z Using require[_once] instead of include. Adding logic to to detect multiple inclusions of which leads to a Fatal error because of my_mysqli_connect() function redefinition. Some tests did include twice -> run-tests - even the one from trunk - did not detect Fatal error in SKIPIF -> false-positive test result...?
289774 johannes 2009-10-19T21:16:07.104350Z Merge NEWS for merged stuff from PHP_5_3 to PHP_5_3_1 ?
289775 johannes 2009-10-19T21:43:34.128867Z Merge #289581 (Fixed PDORow and PDOStatement crashes when instantiating throught Reflection (Felipe) merged
289776 johannes 2009-10-19T21:50:08.796097Z Fix test to remove temporary files merged
289779 pajoye 2009-10-19T23:32:07.986553Z - Fix ACL support and add support for ACL for TS SAPI. Be sure to get the impersonated token when the impersonation has been done. Add the SID as part of the key for the cache (so each SID gets its cache and not previous requests run under other SID)merged
289781 pajoye 2009-10-19T23:41:14.203072Z - MFH: fix realloc usage?
289786 uw 2009-10-20T08:23:06.551590Z Bail if gets included twice. Including twice is most likely a 'bug'. See also
289787 uw 2009-10-20T08:41:11.234355Z Making test pass when MySQL runs on Win*?
289791 uw 2009-10-20T12:31:04.292132Z Fixing typo in SKIPIF and partly skipping tests if using remote MySQL because LOAD LOCAL INFILE will fail?
289792 uw 2009-10-20T12:41:58.445130Z Skipping tests if InnoDB is available but disabled. I wonder what InnoDB status comes next...?
289795 tony2001 2009-10-20T12:57:44.776929Z fix crash on empty doc_root merged
289797 uw 2009-10-20T13:58:57.286867Z Well, hacking around to cope with mysql version specific behaviour if using libmysql...?
289798 uw 2009-10-20T14:11:43.363081Z libmysql is still 'buggy' - skip test with libmysql?
289799 uw 2009-10-20T17:03:32.433085Z Fixing test?
289804 uw 2009-10-20T17:54:57.132225Z Making test a bit more portable?
289821 pajoye 2009-10-21T06:42:08.877366Z - fix leak in DL on error (windows)?
289833 uw 2009-10-21T18:57:45.347796Z There subtle differences between Linux and Win. mysqlnd is a bit more verbose on Win... silencing to make the test pass?
289850 andrey 2009-10-22T14:30:51.146170Z Count number of affected_rows for normal and PS queries ?
289851 andrey 2009-10-22T15:17:03.810249Z Move definition ?
289855 uw 2009-10-22T16:05:33.060150Z Fixing stats, updating test to accept new stats?
289856 uw 2009-10-22T16:10:02.815567Z Updating mysqlnd version number.?
289858 andrey 2009-10-22T17:07:55.856983Z Have the lengths also to skip many calls to strlen ?
289859 andrey 2009-10-22T17:36:12.143068Z Don't forget to update the length too ?
289866 iliaa 2009-10-22T19:39:08.535740Z Fixed test ?
289885 uw 2009-10-23T12:44:05.793868Z Fix: log slow queries in stats regardless of mysqlnd.log_mask setting.?
289890 johannes 2009-10-23T16:47:35.706312Z Fix #49972 (AppendIterator undefined function crash) ?
289905 pajoye 2009-10-24T19:52:23.833052Z - #49986, fix ICU DLLs pathmerged
289918 jani 2009-10-25T20:17:04.986697Z - Fixed bug #49990 (SNMP3 warning message about security level printed twice).?
289924 iliaa 2009-10-26T02:02:28.077217Z - Fixed bug #49985 (pdo_pgsql prepare() re-use previous aborted transaction). ?
289929 uw 2009-10-26T11:41:30.395524Z Updating test, mysqlnd support init commands?
289930 uw 2009-10-26T11:48:47.753251Z Updating test - no error message any more. Maybe the PDO core has changed... whatever, one issue less?
289934 iliaa 2009-10-26T12:57:01.053423Z Fixed bug #49921 (Curl post upload functions changed). ?
289937 derick 2009-10-26T14:09:23.115093Z - Updated to version 2009.16 (2009p)merged
289961 stas 2009-10-26T22:35:48.117608Z add collator_get_sort_key() ?
289962 stas 2009-10-26T22:37:26.000259Z add test ?
289981 pajoye 2009-10-27T10:41:45.043730Z - #48752, crash during date parsing with invalid datemerged
289987 dsp 2009-10-27T13:02:36.297003Z - Fixed bug #49142 (crash when exception thrown from %_%_tostring()) merged
289990 iliaa 2009-10-27T16:13:48.318615Z Introduced a max_file_uploads INI setting, which is set to limit the number of file uploads per-request to 100 by default, to prevent possible DOS via temporary file exhaustion. merged
289996 pajoye 2009-10-27T19:16:55.966789Z - Fixed crash in com_print_typeinfo when an invalid typelib is givenmerged
290001 felipe 2009-10-27T21:37:03.017314Z - Fixed memory leak in openssl_pkcs12_export_to_file() ?
290002 felipe 2009-10-27T21:57:26.230018Z - Fixed bug #50018 (Typo in spl_limit_it_seek()) ?
290003 jani 2009-10-27T22:15:19.904212Z - You add, remove, fix or implement. Introduce yourself to someone else.?
290007 stas 2009-10-27T23:21:00.385595Z fix version ?
290029 iliaa 2009-10-28T13:04:42.872670Z Lower the max upload default to 20 merged
290053 iliaa 2009-10-29T13:33:51.884288Z Fixed bug #50023 (pdo_mysql doesn't use PHP_MYSQL_UNIX_SOCK_ADDR) # Original patch by six at aegis-corp dot org ?
290074 kalle 2009-10-30T14:20:15.626871Z Set WINVER to Windows 2000 like in
290084 stas 2009-10-30T17:27:55.817603Z report collator_get_sort_key ?
290119 tabe 2009-11-01T05:04:35.914440Z Fixed a possible memory leak in case that FT_Glyph_To_Bitmap() fails?
290127 felipe 2009-11-01T15:12:34.213788Z - Fixed bug #49719 (ReflectionClass::hasProperty returns true for a private property in base class) ?
290128 felipe 2009-11-01T17:30:55.141434Z - Fixed bug #50006 (Segfault caused by uksort()) [5_2 only] ?
290129 felipe 2009-11-01T21:26:03.591627Z - Fixed bug #49908 (throwing exception in %_%_autoload crashes when interface is not defined) merged
290146 iliaa 2009-11-02T13:33:24.427333Z Fixed compiler warnings ?
290147 derick 2009-11-02T16:12:20.158272Z - Updated to version 2009.17 (2009q)merged
290150 felipe 2009-11-02T17:37:32.398819Z - Fixed bug #49244 (Floating point NaN cause garbage characters). (patch by Sjoerd) ?
290154 pajoye 2009-11-02T20:46:52.389036Z - Fixed #50052, Different Hashes on Windows and Linux on wrong Salt size?
290166 pajoye 2009-11-03T10:48:12.857521Z - fix lenght for alloc and cpy (Kanwal)?
290167 scottmac 2009-11-03T12:15:03.991984Z Update PCRE to 8.00 ?
290168 scottmac 2009-11-03T12:23:54.748600Z BFN ?
290170 uw 2009-11-03T14:56:04.044360Z Fix for bug #49965 . Let mysqli_options() try to cast option values to the appropriate type.?
290190 guenter 2009-11-03T21:21:34.589624Z removed now obsolete NetWare hack since I fixed this with Novell some longer time ago in their SDK header. ?
290191 guenter 2009-11-03T21:26:39.217225Z added timezone define for NetWare. ?
290196 uw 2009-11-04T12:33:49.082539Z Adding CLEAN sections and making tests portable between PHP 5 and PHP 6 by replacing string(n) with %unicode string%(n) and similar.?
290199 iliaa 2009-11-04T13:44:10.979986Z Fixed bug #50073 (parse_url() incorrect when ? in fragment). ?
290206 uw 2009-11-04T16:09:07.758115Z Skipping if MySQL old password algorithm is in use as it seems to be the case on
290210 uw 2009-11-04T16:56:32.352885Z mysqli won't accept empty string for socket, skip test of mysqli.default_socket if test run does not use socket?
290212 mbeccati 2009-11-04T19:16:39.255772Z - Reverting previous fix for bug #49985 # Unmerged changes from revision 289924 ?
290214 mbeccati 2009-11-04T19:32:27.170798Z - Properly fixed bug #49985 (pdo_pgsql prepare() re-use previous aborted transaction). # Removed usage of the memory address when generating prepared statemend names # as uniqueness can't be enforced. Used a statment counter instead. ?
290231 dmitry 2009-11-05T09:33:19.672560Z Fixed unnecessary invokation of setitimer when timeouts have been disabled (Arvind Srinivasan) ?
290236 dmitry 2009-11-05T10:38:56.883775Z Avoid invoking setitimer when timeouts have been disabled (Arvind Srinivasan) ?
290253 jani 2009-11-05T11:33:32.305688Z - Missing entry?
290266 uw 2009-11-05T11:51:21.319010Z Fixing test: it didn't do a select_db and gave a false-positive with libmysql?
290288 uw 2009-11-05T12:14:08.310342Z Fixing test: of course, libmysql won't care about open_basedir, but mysqlnd should?
290306 iliaa 2009-11-05T13:29:34.995523Z Make sure that max_file_uploads is set to 20 by-default in all places ?
290362 wharmby 2009-11-05T22:44:02.962662Z Fix tests?
290363 sixd 2009-11-05T23:03:28.852685Z Update and fix grammar?
290364 sixd 2009-11-06T02:09:47.340472Z Add pecl mail list?
290368 scottmac 2009-11-06T09:02:52.634548Z Fix a typo ?
290392 felipe 2009-11-07T21:27:15.860391Z - Fixed bug #50090 (Typo in IteratorIterator constructor) ?
290395 felipe 2009-11-08T15:02:54.675081Z - Added SKIPIF ?
290398 rasmus 2009-11-08T15:18:10.480247Z Fix bug #50115 ?
290404 iliaa 2009-11-09T01:54:23.517362Z Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.20 ?
290419 rasmus 2009-11-09T15:13:07.815872Z Fix bug #50124 ?
290420 derick 2009-11-09T15:39:15.015555Z - Updated to version 2009.18 (2009r)?
290434 jani 2009-11-09T17:08:48.606768Z - Fix bad section names (extra - in the end..)?
290435 rasmus 2009-11-09T17:21:15.612206Z Fix bug #50129 ?
290489 sixd 2009-11-10T22:48:37.738188Z Add test for long fixed bug?
290507 iliaa 2009-11-11T13:49:21.273229Z typo fix ?
290515 felipe 2009-11-11T18:52:12.425227Z - Fixed bug #50152 (ReflectionClass::hasProperty hehaves like isset() not property_exists) [5_2 is OK] ?
290516 felipe 2009-11-11T18:59:37.518532Z - Fixed bug #50146 (property_exists: Closure object cannot have properties) ?
290519 sixd 2009-11-11T19:44:53.497711Z Sigh. Fix grammar of title?
290527 cellog 2009-11-11T21:02:59.366740Z fix PHP Bug #49910: no support for ././@LongLink for long filenames in phar tar support?
290567 felipe 2009-11-12T00:10:00.340842Z - Fixed bug #50005 (Throwing through Reflection modified Exception object makes segmentation fault) ?
290568 felipe 2009-11-12T00:44:43.769026Z - Fix typo?
290570 rasmus 2009-11-12T01:09:16.218434Z Fix bug #49098 ?
290574 rasmus 2009-11-12T08:26:43.203190Z NEWS entries for mysqli crash fix bug ?
290575 jani 2009-11-12T09:07:51.095253Z bfn?
290578 johannes 2009-11-12T15:05:03.813490Z Fix #50063 (safe_mode_include_dir fails)?
290582 thetaphi 2009-11-12T15:19:35.858643Z Fix bug #50087: NSAPI performance improvements ?
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