Todo 5.3.1

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PHP_5_3 commits since 5.3.1 branching

# author date msg mergecomment
288028pajoye2009-09-04T06:59:08.269398Z- be sure that we use the user token by default (Christian Wenz)y
288034srinatar2009-09-04T07:59:48.702767Z- Fixed bug #49447 (php engine need to correctly check for socket API y
288038jani2009-09-04T11:02:40.242591ZI have no idea. This might or might not fix a bug in some branch. At least it wo
288067pajoye2009-09-04T19:53:39.298845Z- #49464, fix buildy
288081jani2009-09-05T17:07:14.832961Z- Fixed bug #49182 (PHP CGI always outputs the shebang line)
288083pajoye2009-09-05T17:35:26.749698Z- fix #49274, filter_var does not accept object without a toString implementatio
288085pajoye2009-09-05T18:10:31.800207Z- add test for #48746 Tests only
288087felipe2009-09-05T18:22:16.941199Z- Drop unused var
288088pajoye2009-09-05T19:00:05.696552Z- don't hide early declaration
288096pajoye2009-09-05T21:16:05.640877Z- don't hide previous declaration
288109moriyoshi2009-09-06T14:43:09.834693Z- Fix leaks.nreverted in 288110
288110pajoye2009-09-06T15:56:58.326315Z- revert last commit, breaks the build and needs test case(s)nrevert for 288109
288111felipe2009-09-06T17:41:34.592802Z- Fixed bug #49483 (preg_replace 'subject' parameter listed as optional)y
288116pajoye2009-09-06T22:01:18.219937Z- fix #40013, php_uname() doesnt return nodename (MFH)
288117iliaa2009-09-07T02:35:25.164727ZFixed bug #49470 (FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL allows disallowed characters).
288132iliaa2009-09-07T14:18:46.092400ZFixed tests Tests only
288159derick2009-09-08T14:03:53.976421Z- Updated to version 2009.13 (2009m)y
288202uw2009-09-09T17:03:03.752942ZNext attempt to fix Patch by Andrey.
288203uw2009-09-09T17:10:29.929573ZTests for (libmysql only) . The simple fix Tests only
288204uw2009-09-09T17:16:24.966967ZSome extra test coverage for . Tests only
288208uw2009-09-09T18:31:00.754008ZAndrey fixed the bug but the test was somewhat borked. Fixing test. Tests only
288215felipe2009-09-10T01:20:42.379615Z- Possible fix for bug #49344 on Windows (pdo_mssql fails to connect,throws PDOE
288216iliaa2009-09-10T02:15:08.553459ZFixed test Tests only
288244jani2009-09-10T15:05:34.566751Z- Fix skips
288246jani2009-09-10T16:19:42.096103Z- Simplified a bit and fixed possible memory corruption and definate leak.
288260moriyoshi2009-09-11T08:22:19.637231Z- Fix bug #49528 (UTF-16 strings prefixed by BOM wrongly converted).
288263uw2009-09-11T12:16:56.289608ZFixing a crash which must have existed since PHP 5.0. At least the crash can be
288265uw2009-09-11T12:28:47.121079ZStepping back to PHP 5.2.x and earlier logic of allocating even huge pieces of m
288267uw2009-09-11T13:38:47.721990ZFix for bug #49357 (MySQLi extension fails to recognize POINT (spatial) colums)
288273moriyoshi2009-09-11T21:26:18.001300Z- Fix bug #49536 (mb_detect_encoding() returns incorrect results when strict_mod
288274wharmby2009-09-11T21:57:04.036733ZAdd missing SKIPIF Tests only
288291iliaa2009-09-13T13:14:11.112775ZFixed test Tests only
288293felipe2009-09-13T14:42:36.293548Z- Fixed warnings (Kalle)
288301moriyoshi2009-09-14T04:11:29.020211Z- Looks like bug #48697 has already been fixed in RC1. Tests only
288329iliaa2009-09-14T12:50:30.016856ZFixed certificate validation inside php_openssl_apply_verification_policy
288339pajoye2009-09-14T18:46:56.521316Z- Fix #48746, improve fix to support all possible cases (see latest comment in t
288345moriyoshi2009-09-15T00:09:13.607009Z- WS fix (spaces to tabs)
288348pajoye2009-09-15T15:47:06.452462Z- #49253, add support for libcurl's CERTINFO option
288351iliaa2009-09-15T16:54:11.862306ZUpgraded bundled sqlite to version 3.6.18.
288354rasmus2009-09-15T20:28:42.108501ZFix bug #49558
288357wharmby2009-09-15T21:44:08.223477ZFix SKIPIF sections Tests only
288364jani2009-09-16T06:56:37.466942Z- What a mess..
288378uw2009-09-16T15:00:54.277518ZFix and tests for bug #49511 . mysqlnd and the MySQL Client Library (libmysql) u
288379uw2009-09-16T17:03:44.880933ZFix (by Andrey) and test for bug #49442 . Don't use efree() for memory allocated 288411 is a part of this
288380sebastian2009-09-16T17:24:46.443481ZMerge ReflectionMethod::setAccessible() to PHP 5.3.2, approved by Johannes.nNew feature
288384felipe2009-09-16T18:01:10.675351Z- Fixed ZTS build
288393srinatar2009-09-17T02:45:25.258058Z- Fixed bug #49572 (use of C++ style comments causes build failure)
288396uw2009-09-17T07:11:25.887443Zbetter coverage for mysqli_info Tests only
288411andrey2009-09-17T15:13:14.492384ZMFH, a fix not included by the fix committed by Ulf. part of 288379
288437andrey2009-09-18T10:49:31.035791ZMFH:Fix for bug#48754 mysql_close() crash php when no handle specified
288439andrey2009-09-18T14:33:08.405276ZMFH:Fix for bug#48909 Segmentation fault in mysqli_stmt_execute
288446bjori2009-09-18T22:01:58.689670ZThrow some credit aroundy
288447bjori2009-09-18T22:26:44.314071ZFix typo in comment (danbrown)y
288448bjori2009-09-18T23:06:21.300257ZAnd now use proper colspanningy
288462pajoye2009-09-19T20:54:34.851997Z- fix ACL cache for read check
288494kalle2009-09-21T03:20:31.787988ZFix NEWS
288509dmitry2009-09-21T08:28:53.877981ZFixed tests Tests only
288510uw2009-09-21T08:36:14.899254ZFixing test - the standard test table will not accept NULL values for column id Tests only
288511uw2009-09-21T08:59:00.420829ZFixing test: references has to be collected even if the users disables the colle Tests only
288514uw2009-09-21T09:35:23.103962ZFixing mysqli_get_client_stats.phpt. More testing for MYSQLI_INIT_COMMAND Tests only
288515dmitry2009-09-21T09:52:19.642214ZFixed tests Tests only
288516uw2009-09-21T10:06:13.078845ZFixing mysqli_result_references_mysqlnd.php Tests only
288517uw2009-09-21T10:16:44.098392ZNot nice but neither the MySQL Client Library not mysqlnd are supposed to detect Tests only
288518dmitry2009-09-21T11:22:13.377504ZFixed memory leak
288519dmitry2009-09-21T11:30:38.740058ZFixed tests Tests only
288520dmitry2009-09-21T11:38:14.817703ZFixed tests Tests only
288522uw2009-09-21T11:54:15.714883ZFixing test Tests only
288523uw2009-09-21T12:02:30.539296ZFixing test by calling it a known limit. We keept the test failing as a reminder Tests only
288524dmitry2009-09-21T13:01:17.666692ZFixed memleak in tests/lang/engine_assignExecutionOrder_001.phpt
288531uw2009-09-21T14:20:05.111677ZMoving test code around to get test failures down without testing less. Users of Tests only
288532dmitry2009-09-21T14:32:20.746567ZFixed tests (“none” is an alias of “false” and it can't be used as a string valu Tests only
288535dmitry2009-09-21T15:23:25.637676ZFixed tests (removed irrelevant check which makes test to fail from time to time Tests only
288537uw2009-09-21T15:24:47.231000ZFixing test Tests only
288541uw2009-09-21T15:59:22.071789ZFixing test Tests only
288546iliaa2009-09-22T01:17:16.718907ZFixed build with older version of libcurl
288547uw2009-09-22T06:59:04.634278ZFixing test. Can't wait to see the new run-tests materialize for detecting skip Tests only
288548uw2009-09-22T07:11:50.904206ZFixing test. There is nothing we can do about the MySQL Client Library allocate Tests only
288551dmitry2009-09-22T07:54:06.607158ZFixed ext/spl/tests/arrayObject_magicMethods2.phpt
288554dmitry2009-09-22T08:22:29.784416ZFixed test (removed “bad” locale) Tests only
288555uw2009-09-22T08:42:44.372018ZFixing test Tests only
288557jani2009-09-22T09:41:39.067702Z- Move tests in the right location Tests only
288558dmitry2009-09-22T10:15:10.809761ZFixed test (it failed from time to time because of very small timeouts) Tests only
288562uw2009-09-22T11:58:46.263621ZFixing test Tests only
288565nlopess2009-09-22T12:12:43.934351Zspread some svn:ignore love
288567nlopess2009-09-22T12:30:21.902476Zallow tests to pass when a random username is used. Tests only
288571andrey2009-09-22T13:59:29.970005ZMFH: Fix handling of BIT fields in mysqli, when libmysql is used
288575andrey2009-09-22T14:44:11.185184ZMFH:Check for the different types and create the
288578dmitry2009-09-22T14:52:47.527614ZFixed tests which fail from time to time because of race conditions (“echo” comm Tests only
288580andrey2009-09-22T15:08:11.212291ZMFH:Fix handling of BIT fields for non-PS. We need
288583uw2009-09-22T15:31:35.848829Zmysqlnd supports INIT_COMMAND and so we can add it to PDO_MYSQL @ mysqlnd
288585felipe2009-09-22T18:18:57.462403Z- Fixed bug #49630 (imap_listscan function missing)
288597iliaa2009-09-23T00:18:32.125885ZFixed compiler warning
288598felipe2009-09-23T02:08:19.354954Z- Fixed bug #49531 (CURLOPT_INFILESIZE sometimes causes warning “CURLPROTO_FILE
288603dmitry2009-09-23T08:33:23.086404ZFixed compilation error
288604dmitry2009-09-23T10:25:54.209193ZFixed ext/standard/tests/streams/stream_get_contents_002.phpt
288613moriyoshi2009-09-23T15:22:47.013258Z- Fixed bug #49354 (mb_strcut() cuts wrong length when offset is within a
288629iliaa2009-09-23T23:14:17.008352ZFixed unused var
288638uw2009-09-24T08:19:56.878940ZCoverage for the OO variants of some functions Tests only
288644uw2009-09-24T09:40:24.600024ZFixing test Tests only
288649tony20012009-09-24T10:43:13.934790Zsave LDFLAGS in EXTRA_LDFLAGS before unsetting
288652rrichards2009-09-24T12:40:59.475828Zfix memleak
288653uw2009-09-24T12:51:03.618170ZProxying as many connect calls as possible to make testing of the compression pr Tests only
288654rrichards2009-09-24T13:18:22.225184ZFixed bug #49647 (DOMUserData does not exist)
288676jani2009-09-24T18:01:17.835457Z- Fix the build issue with php_mysqlnd_config.h ending up in wrong build directo
288677srinatar2009-09-24T18:20:49.454373Z- Fixed bug #49571 (CURLOPT_POSTREDIR not implemented).nNew Feature
288679iliaa2009-09-24T18:59:28.718788ZMake tempnam() return FALSE on error as documented
288705felipe2009-09-25T01:46:58.183464Z- Fixed mem leak
288707felipe2009-09-25T02:07:41.019355Z- Fix test Tests only
288741andrey2009-09-25T10:37:44.738211ZFix possible crash when conn is NULL
288743andrey2009-09-25T10:52:29.951985ZFix error code checking for mysql_stmt_attr_set. There
288745uw2009-09-25T10:54:16.122276ZReplacing MYSQL_TEST_COMPRESS env var with more generic MYSQL_TEST_CONNECT_FLAGS Tests only
288746andrey2009-09-25T10:55:06.935556ZRemove unused variable
288747uw2009-09-25T10:56:17.662406ZLarge package to check how compression handles package queues. Tests only
288749andrey2009-09-25T11:38:19.519284ZFix a crash in the rare case when a persistent connection
288784andrey2009-09-25T12:25:54.343292ZFix mysqli_stmt_attr_set in libmysql mode.
288793uw2009-09-25T13:21:44.363008ZTrying to respect time limit to please Andrey who must be using slooow hardware. Tests only
288834rasmus2009-09-26T00:53:59.795315ZRefix bug #49558 as per bug #49676
288848felipe2009-09-26T16:54:08.967420Z- Fixed tests Tests only
288850felipe2009-09-26T17:59:33.439873Z- Fixed tests Tests only
288875iliaa2009-09-28T03:14:46.715825ZFixed test Tests only
288892uw2009-09-28T10:39:42.939659ZAllow setting of default connection flags through the environment variable MYSQL Tests only
288893uw2009-09-28T10:42:36.464464ZFixing test Tests only
288896rasmus2009-09-28T13:29:53.659330ZFix for bug #49698y288907 belongs to this, too
288907kalle2009-09-28T15:07:37.944267ZNEWS for Rasmus' bug fixybelongs to 288896
288922rdohms2009-09-28T22:57:41.613386ZAdding tests for bug #49692 Tests only
288940rasmus2009-09-29T13:56:51.056779ZFix date_sunrise/date_sunset tests Tests only
288943rasmus2009-09-29T14:02:50.915943ZAdd missing open_basedir check in posix_mkfifoy
288945rasmus2009-09-29T14:14:02.381038ZFixed a safe_mode bypass in tempnam() identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. y
288946rdohms2009-09-29T14:34:06.585880ZFixing tests for head and wrong SKIPIF blocks Tests only
288953uw2009-09-29T16:37:50.106997ZFixing test Tests only

Script to generate the above listing

# Run from within the PHP_5_3 branch directory, quick hack

$log_xml = `svn log -r 288018:HEAD --xml`;
$sx = new SimpleXMLElement($log_xml);

echo "^# ^author ^date ^msg ^merge^\n";

foreach ($sx->logentry as  $v) {
        $msg = (string)$v->msg;
        $msg = substr(substr($msg, 0, strpos($msg."\n", "\n")), 0, 80);
                (string)$v['revision'], $v->author, $v->date, $msg, '?');

Patches or bugs to merge to PHP_5_3_1

Bug # Description status
#48535 Symlink, junctions. Improved fix has to be merged, fix a regression with volume and junction windows only. see also #48746 approved
#49620 Fix ACL support, windows only. See also #49620, #44859, #42832 To be approved
Throw some credit around (r288446, r288447, r288448) To be approved approved approved
#49688 Unexpected change in strnatcasecmp To be approved
Pecl #16842 To be approved
#49732 Crashes in fileinfo when corrupted files are given (timestamp fails) To be approved
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