Release Managers

Johannes Schlüter, Lukas Kahwe Smith


  1. July 24th - feature freeze COMPLETED
  2. July 31st - alpha1 COMPLETED
  3. September 2nd - alpha2 (freeze on August 29th, final packaging on September 1st) COMPLETED
  4. December 4th - alpha3 (freeze on December 2nd, final packaging on December 3rd) COMPLETED
  5. January 29th - beta1 (freeze on January 26th, final packaging on January 28th) COMPLETED
  6. March 24th - RC1 (bug fixing until the 19th, with RM ok commits until 20nd, until 23rd build fixes only) COMPLETED
  7. June 7th - RC2 (bug fixing until end of the 4th, after that only build fixes and README changes) COMPLETED
  8. June 11th - RC3 COMPLETED
  9. June 18th - RC4 COMPLETED
  10. June 30th - stable COMPLETED

Todo items

Please keep the upgrade documentation always current.


  1. MFH namespaces Done
    1. some concerns (will not be addressed for now)
  2. MFH _ _callStatic Done
  3. MFH Object handler get_debug_info Done
  4. remove zend.ze1_compatibility mode and throw E_CORE_ERROR when set DONE (dmitry)
  5. Add open_filename debug info to streams. Done
  6. New error message generation for parameter parsing API. Done
  7. Symlink the intl extension from PECL, but leave it disabled by default as is the case with all extensions dependent on external libs DONE
  8. Apply the Late Static Binding Patch Done
    1. issues with parent forwarding -> make parent::/self:: forwarding (etienne/dmitry) DONE
  9. Implement Sqlite3 support via the ext/sqlite extension (ext/sqlite isn't possible, ext/sqlite3 from pecl is.) (Scott) DONE
    1. will require minor changes to PDO_SQLite to share the sqlite library DONE
  10. Introduce mysqlnd library into core and use it as a backend for PDO and mysql/mysqli extensions (possibly enabling them by default) (Andrey) DONE
    1. Patch PDO_MYSQL to optionally support mysqlnd library in addition to the MySQL client library, fix assorted PDO_MYSQL bugs, extend PDO test suite (Johannes, Ulf) DONE
  11. Split off deprecation from E_STRICT into E_DEPRECATED Done (Lars, Felipe, Marcus)
  12. PCRE extension will not be allowed to be disabled Done (Marcus)
  13. The new php.ini files parser/scanner + CGI/FastCGI “htaccess” style ini file support Done
  14. SPL improvements:
    1. Make DirectoryIterator implement SeekableIterator. (Etienne) Done
    2. Implement MultipleIterator in C. (Arnaud, Marcus) DONE
  15. merge the zend_arg_info const'ify patch (Dmitry, Nuno) Done
  16. merge Matt's ZEND_SIGNED_MULTIPLY_LONG() optimization patch (matt/dmitry) DONE
  17. Merge the [ GCC 4 -fvisibility patch] (Dmitry, Nuno) Done
  18. Implement David's Circular Garbage collection patch. Done
  19. Link phar extension from PECL into core (possibly enabling it by default) Done
  20. Replace flex scripts with re2c ones in Zend. This will fix the memleak issues of the lexer, make the lexer threadsafe and reentrant and allows to use emalloc on temp blocks automatically (read more here). (Marcus, Nuno, Scott) Done
  21. drop ext/hash in favor of an extended ext/mhash with an ext/hash wrapper (Scott) Done
  22. Move extensions to PECL (Pierre)
    1. ncurses *Done*
    2. fdf *Done*
    3. sybase *Done*
  23. upgrade PCRE (Nuno) Done
  24. Update Ming (sync with ming cvs, may be done in the phase between feature freeze and alpha1) (Frank) DONE
  25. add fileinfo extension to core (Derick) DONE
  26. closures (Christian/Dmitry) Done
    1. drop _ _toString() from closures (Johannes/Dmitry) DONE
  27. deprecate ticks (Felipe) Done
  28. add array_replace[_recursive] (diff, phpt) (matt/johannes) DONE
  29. unix path separators in spl (Steph/Greg/Marcus) DONE


  1. Windows binary releases and snaps: stabilize, review, fix and make it maintainable DONE
    1. make mysqlnd the default mysql lib DONE
    2. remove pdo_oci8 (only keep pdo_oci) DONE
    3. fix libsqlite bundeling and related extensions DONE
  2. move ext/ming to PECL (Pierre) DONE
  3. Bundle unix man pages for functions, methods and class references (Hannes, Rudy) DROPPED (will be made available as a PEAR installable package)
  4. shutdown order issues (Greg/Dmitry) DONE
  5. Remove GD1 and Freetype1 support (Scott) DONE
  6. solve issues with ext/soap and errors in the ctor (Dmitry) DONE
  7. apply patches to ODBC for bug #43666, bug #43668, bug #43669 (Patrick) DONE
  8. drop ereg usage (browser cap, etc.) (Nuno) DONE
  9. MFH lightspeed SAPI (Georg) DONE
  10. add some tests for fileinfo (Felix/Derick) DONE
  11. fork fileinfo lib code to make it more compatible with php (Derick/Ilia/Mikko/Pierre) DONE
  12. Add BC function 'mime_content_type()' into fileinfo extension to allow removing ext/mime_magic completely (Derick) DONE
  13. move frontbase extension to PECL (Pierre) DONE
  14. move dbase extension to PECL (Pierre) DONE


  1. Cleanup code to use the new zend_parse_parameters API (Alexey, Felipe, Olivier, David) DONE
  2. Add all missing arg infos to make Reflection more informative (Felipe) DONE
  3. commit rounding RFC (Christian S.) DONE
  4. finish namespace syntax (Greg, Stas) DONE
  5. deprecate define_syslog_variables() (Kalle) DONE


  1. add pecl/enchant as a replacement for ext/pspell (Pierre) Done
  2. mail() logging (ilia) Done
  3. add spl_object_id() or improve spl_object_hash() to ensure there is a way to uniquely identify an object during a given request (Lars/Guilherme) Done



  1. memory leak in the scanner when a new state stack is created DONE
  2. Add E_DEPRECATED patch for deprecated ini settings on startup (Kalle) DONE
  3. fix BC problem with BUILD_ID in Zend Engine (api_check API no longer allows to load extensions with arbitrary API) DONE
  4. verify PEAR bundle upgrade to the current latest version of 1.8.0 (Johannes/Helgi)
  5. fix issues with rounding and parsing of floats/integers (Matt/Dmitry)


  1. Add tests for ext/ODBC (Felipe)


  1. very important for APC, about caching (stat cache or other) on win/fcgi (Pierre)
  2. add missing windows libs (except for firebird/interbase) (Pierre)


  1. finish UPGRADING README file (Kalle/Hannes/Philip)
  2. write migration guide for the manual (Kalle/Hannes/Philip)
  3. Fix the NEWS file, as it skips from 5.2.4 to 5.3.0 (Johannes)
  4. Add E_DEPRECATED if session.bug_compat_42/warn is On (already removed in HEAD) (Kalle)
  5. update short_open_tag descriptions in php.ini-* as per this (Philip)

After the first stable release

  1. add firebird/interbase to windows builds
  2. make all extensions use php implementation of getenv (Pierre)
  3. Improve the build script to ease the parsing of the output and QA
  4. Fix static build of extension on windows when static is the default and --enable-snapshot-build is used (Pierre)
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