This is a general TODO list for PECL. Add TODO items here that need to be implemented and consider an accompanying RFC if the TODO might need to be discussed first. Or a bug report. Feel free to do an item too.


  • License information for new|old extensions, and their relation to linked|bundled libraries
  • Define what maintainer roles mean, and active versus inactive


  • FAQ: I ran into a problem while compiling my new extension, how do I fix it?
  • FAQ: Any special considerations when allowing both static and shared builds?
  • FAQ: How do I implement version information into my extension?
  • FAQ: What do “PHP Api Version:”, “Zend Module Api No:”, and “Zend Extension Api No:” mean?
  • FAQ: What license should I choose, and what do they mean to me and PHP?
  • FAQ: PECL Extension foo has the bar 2.0 license, and its bundled library uses license baz 1.1... what does this mean to me?
  • FAQ: The pecl shell command, what is it?
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