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APC-3.1.0 Proposed Todo's
  • SMA delete optimizations (backward block link structures) -shire
  • “atomic” operations: apc_inc, apc_dec, apc_cas (increment, decrement, compare and swap). -shire
    • Only supports Long types
    • _apc_update() base function added for it - gopal
  • APCIterator class for smoother iterations over large caches with deletion support. -shire
  • upload progress does in-place updates - gopal
  • apc_fetch should exit without locking when cache expunge is in progress - gopal
  • MD5 sums on file entries (disabled by default, only make sense on stat=0). -shire
  • File deletion by regex, array, iterator -sklar / shire
  • Compiler chaining for optimizer/bcompile/xdebug/vld/phar/etc (I'd be willing to write this if need be and would love to see this make it into 3.1.0 if possible) -Graham
Other work in progress & future releases
  • Multiple cache and multiple segments. -shire
    • Includes rewrite of apc.php. -shire
  • Locking mechanism on a per hash bucket basis, lowering contention. -shire
  • True read-only locking -shire
  • Binary dump and loading support. -shire
  • Test sequential binary copy with swizzle/unswizzle against current intelligent copying of cache data. -shire
  • Ability to compile multiple files as one “atomic” insert for production code pushes. -shire/lucas Not true atomic, but pretty close
  • File/Class lazy loading. -shire Initial support done, more work to come
  • Work on the documentation for APC, document missing functions, configurations and so on (Philip)
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