PEAR Group Meeting 6th September 2009

Apologies: doconnor is on holiday

  1. PEAR test server - discussion, look at its role in the future of PEAR (doconnor, cweiske)
  2. Set goals for group for 2009 to 2010 (short, middle and long term)
  3. Till requested we discuss whether package tests can use fakemail (shupp)
  • Action Items from last meeting
    • New group members will catch up on content of RFC's before next meeting and will be ready to discuss or present changes.
    • Group will vote on PEAR2 policy and standards RFC's at beginning of next meeting.
    • Other RFC's will be discussed in detail during next meeting.

Goals for This Year

  • Short term
  • Mid term
    • stable PEAR2/Pyrus release
    • attracting new developers to PEAR2
  • Long term
    • get active maintainers of quality PEAR1 packages to port them to PEAR2



Chuck called the meeting to order shortly after 14:00 UTC.
Bill logged the IRC content for absent members.
Mike compiled minutes.

Followup from Last Meeting on 2009-08-16

  • Bill got the 'pear' twitter account
  • Bill created a cron job that puts PEAR package releases on Twitter
    • Cron job is in the pearweb/trunk/cron/rss-to-twitter.php
    • Cron is currently on Bill's laptop
  • Bill reports that Digg does not have spare design resources to give to PEAR.
  • Chuck reports that Travis granted access for Chuck to the pear account on Github.
  • Action Items:
    • Bill will check with Brett and/or Christian to see about getting the Twitter cron running on a PEAR server.


SVN Avail

  • PEAR Group needs to be added to pear in the global_avail file so they can give SVN access to new PEAR developers
  • The old PEAR Group and PEAR president currently have access
  • Action items:
    • Bill will ask Andrei to update the pear line in global_avail to include the group and president
    • Chuck sent a patch to pear-group on September 1st to do this, patch just needs committing.

PEAR Test Server (sg1)

  • The goals for sg1 are at
  • The new PEAR group has been successfully testing pearweb improvements on
  • No continuous integration work has been started yet
    • The goal is to get phpUnderControl plugin for Cruise Control up and running
    • Tests will run under separate PHP versions
      • Christian is setting up a phpfarm script to automate testing under multiple PHP versions
        • At some point, this will integrate with pUC
    • Daniel's magic at should move to sg1 and/or be integrated with phpUnderControl
    • Once set up, developers can opt-in to phpUnderControl notifications
  • Action Items:
    • Chuck will start setting up phpUnderControl and Cruise Control on sg1
    • Mike and Bill will assist Chuck where possible
    • Mike will send a message to pear-dev after stuff is set up

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Attracting new developers is going well
    • We have Spreadsheet_Excell_Writer maintainers now!
    • New developers need more mentoring to ensure they're following the pear guidelines
  • Action Items:
    • Ken will start a wiki page outlining areas where the QA-Group can improve mentoring - “Orientation for New Developers”. This will eventually go in the manual at
    • Bill will put the PEAR Group goals on a separate page in the wiki
    • Mike will review docbook styles for pearweb


  • PEAR Group unanimously approves its use
  • Unit tests should skip if Fakemail is not present
  • Action Items:
    • Ken will install Fakemail on sg1
    • Ken will check with Christian to get sg1 shell access


  • Two RFC's were discussed, PEAR2 policy and standards
  • Several of the more controversial RFCs are becoming dependencies of the policy and standards RFCs
  • The abandoned-alpha-package period is a bit too long (one year). Six months was suggested.
    • Group agrees that power to delete an abandoned package should rest with the Group only.
  • Mike had several minor comments and fixes which were emailed to pear-group for group review
  • Brett was added as a sponsor to the PEAR2 policy so that a current PEAR Group member is a sponsor
  • PEAR2 policy regarding including alpha packages in the channel has been superseded by Greg's RFC on versioning
  • Group voted to reaffirm the PEAR2 Policies RFC until 45 days following the next Group elections. Votes were +5, 0, 0
  • Group voted to reaffirm the PEAR2 Standards RFC until 45 days following the next Group elections. Votes were +5, 0, 0

Next Meeting

  • PEAR Group is going to meet in two weeks to talk about only RFCs
  • Next meeting will be 2009-09-20 16:00 UTC.
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