2010 Google Summer of Code for the PHP project

Here you'll find information and ideas regarding the 2010 GSoC for the PHP project.

Before you submit your proposal, you are encouraged to contact the possible mentors for the project you are applying. If the project hasn't any mentor assigned or if you are submiting an off-list project, please contact one of our mailing lists to discuss the proposal before submiting it. Likely this will involve or, but the IRC channels #php.pecl and #php.doc on EFnet also work.

Priority will be given to proposals that are directly related to the PHP Project, this includes PECL and PEAR. If we have any spare slots then we will consider non PHP Project proposals.

If your project is to be written in PHP, please make sure you read the PEAR Coding Standards when applying.

If you are applying for a project in the PHP code itself (in C), you may find useful the PHP hackers guide, which also includes our C coding standards (TBD).

Your proposal should match our Ideas Template, if you are a student and submitting an idea of your own then you should also include:

  • Name and e-mail
  • Availability: How many hours per week can you spend working on this? What other obligations do you have this summer?
  • Bio: Who are you? What makes you the best person to work on this project?


Several ideas exist that people work on from time to time. GSoC students are encouraged to propose working on one of these or create their own.

PHP 6 / Unicode

Possible mentor: Derick Rethans

PHP's Unicode support has mostly stalled, with the reason that we don't quite know how it will behave with already existing software. This project contains:

  • Running multiple known and lesser-known applications and frameworks to see how they behave with PHP 6's Unicode features, including benchmarks.
  • Identify which parts of PHP's Unicode support causes issues with those test applications and frameworks.
  • Come up with recommendations on how to either fix the issues, or suggest ways on how PHP can make the migration for applications and frameworks easier.



  • An overview of all the test results
  • Identified issues with the applications, frameworks and PHP's Unicode support.


  • Documentation about all migration issues
  • More recommendations
  • If time permitting, patches against PHP to address some of those issues.
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