The goal is to have as much information as possible about any idea that we’ll put forward to students. This saves the student from biting off more than they can handle and lets everyone know exactly what the task is. Below is a suggested template that we should use for our ideas.


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An Optimizer feature is missing from PHP, this would take certain opcodes that would provide consistent values and simplify them. Examples include maths operations with static values and internal functions which are passed in constant data where the result is also constant. Certain _SERVER variables can also be turned into constant data at compile time.

The optimizer would sit before APC so that the result of the optimized opcodes could then be stored there.



We would expect a basic structure hooking in to PHP and APC and some of the simpler tasks completed such as flattening any maths operations.


For the final review we would expect a functioning optimizer than folds maths, variables and certain functions into constant values.

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