Resign 2010, Take 2

This page is a second take, and/or a proposal based on the original disucsion at: redesign


The design discussion and the end design should be the one designed for the original redesign discussion.


With a new design, it might be worth re-organizing parts of the actual codebase for php.net. This can help us use some more modern techniques and be useful for other subjects within this document.

Since all the mirrors today use PHP 5.1.6 or greater we can tweak the code to either use an lightweight MVC or similar.


With the new redesign, it might be worth considering making it possible for the manual translator teams to allow to translate PHP.net, including news entries, conferences etc. even the user events if we can make it possible in a nice and clean manner.

This will ofcourse require certain changes to the release process of PHP versions, so we need to figure out a way thats easy for the release masters to use. Perhaps an XML file, which built to .php files using a cronjob before the site is rsync'd to the mirrors.

How to contribute

Currently our process to get new contributors interested and the exact details on how to do so is dispersed over many different pages. We need some pages that state what we are looking for before handing out new SVN accounts, encouraging people to fix bugs and send in patches to the mailing lists.

Also showing what tools that each part of the project use, PhD and the online editor for documentation and translation, compilers, editors for PECL and the core of PHP.


Ideal would be to get more people to contribute to the manual, moderate user notes etc. it could be brilliant with a forum for people to discuss and get help from others to PHP related issues that also will help us improve the website and manual even more.

Althought we try to get people on the mailing list, many people seek the net to find a forum for discussions about PHP and there is tons of those around the net, so why have a forum at php.net? To have an official place to discuss PHP with others, every PHP developer knows php.net and uses it for resources, so why not extend that?

Merging subsites

Currently we have subsites like people.php.net, windows.php.net. We should consider merging those into the main site. Merging the Windows subsite into php.net will enable the ability of full mirror usage for Windows releases, 113 as of writing compared to 5 or 6. The people.php.net site could go in and create a more integrated subsite showing our contributors, the hard working fellows who make PHP and its related projects happen.

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