FAQ: people.php.net

I edited my profile but I can't see changes on people.php.net
Don't worry. Results on this page are cached for a week, so all you have to do is wait.

How can I edit my profile?
Go to the master.php.net directly or click edit on master on your developer page.

How can I set my own avatar?
Use Gravatar. If you already have an account, just add your @php.net email address to it.

My account was just created but I still see error saying “No such user”
Look at the first answer.

What data are displayed by people.php.net?
Developer Profile Pages will display your:

  • username
  • full name
  • php.net email address
  • about section (if provided on master)
  • your karma
  • open bugs assigned to you (if there are any)
  • your notes (if provided on master)
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