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How to create a PHP.net mirror

The SVN way, but with a hack

  1. Checkout phpweb (svn co http://svn.php.net/repository/web/php/trunk phpweb)
  2. Within phpweb, run this:
    // Note: This is a complete hack
    // Mirror to steal from
    $mirror = 'http://www.php.net/';
    // Files phpweb needs (typically from rsync box)
    $files = array('include/mirrors.inc', 'include/countries.inc', 'include/pregen-events.inc', 'include/pregen-news.inc', 'include/pregen-confs.inc');
    foreach ($files as $file) {
    	file_put_contents($file, file_get_contents($mirror . $file));
    // Another required file, let's create it ourselves
    file_put_contents('include/last_updated.inc', '<?php $LAST_UPDATED=' . time() . '; ?>');
  3. Make a virtual host, see The official mirror page
  4. If wanting the PHP Manual too, either:

Or, simply rsync it

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