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What would be the best way to bring changes in one branch only?

  • a fix must be done in 5.3 only branch, so no need to merge it up into 5.4
  • next time a change must be done for all the branches according to the git workflow
  • merging that last change from 5.3 into 5.4 with “git merge –no-ff –log PHP-5.3” brings the previous 5.3 only fix into 5.4 - ups that's not what i needed )
Solution 1
  • do a 5.3 only fix
  • checkout 5.4 branch
  • git merge –no-ff –log –no-commit PHP-5.3
  • revert the change manually and commit

What would be a better way to do this?

Other Solutions
  git checkout PHP-5.3
  git commit
  git checkout PHP-5.4
  git merge --log --no-ff --strategy=ours PHP-5.3

dsp 2012/04/13 14:50

What's the correct way to deal with merge conflicts when merging upwards?


Let's say I make a change on 5.3, which includes a NEWS entry. The NEWS entry understandably conflicts when merging upwards to 5.4. How do I merge it correctly so that it doesn't cause problems for the next committer?

Furthermore, how do I deal with cases where I don't want a NEWS entry on master at all when merging there?


Try using Moving to Git FAQ. Another solution would be

  git checkout PHP-5.4
  git merge --no-commit --no-ff --log PHP-5.3
  git show PHP-5.4:NEWS > NEWS # Overview news
  git add NEWS
  git commit

dsp 2012/04/13 14:55

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