Test failures for 5.4

Test failure interface

A pretty interface to see test failures and their diffs can be found at

Tested 2011-09-07 on Mac OS X

Using mysqlnd driver

Testing register_shutdown_function() with timeout. (Bug: #21513) [tests/func/005a.phpt]
Bug #28220 (mb_strwidth() returns wrong width values for some Hangul characters) [ext/mbstring/tests/bug28220.phpt]
Bug #49536 (mb_detect_encoding() returns incorrect results when strict_mode is turned on) [ext/mbstring/tests/bug49536.phpt]
Unicode standard conformance test (ill-formed UTF sequences.) [ext/mbstring/tests/illformed_utf_sequences.phpt]
int mysqli_poll() and kill [ext/mysqli/tests/mysqli_poll_kill.phpt]
MySQL PDO->__construct() - Generic + DSN [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql___construct.phpt]
MySQL PDO->exec(), affected rows [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_exec_load_data.phpt]
MySQL PDOStatement->execute()/fetch(), Non-SELECT [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_subclass.phpt]
Sort with SORT_LOCALE_STRING [ext/standard/tests/array/locale_sort.phpt]
Bug #54623: Segfault when when writing to a persistent socket after closing a copy of the socket [ext/standard/tests/streams/bug54623.phpt]
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