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 ===== RFC merged ===== ===== RFC merged =====
-{{page>rfc:#​php_56&​noheader&​noeditbtn&​nofooter}}+  * [[rfc:debug-info|__debugInfo() magic method]]\\ Support get_debug_info hook for userspace classes 
 +  * [[rfc:​pow-operator|Exponential operator]]\\ Exponential operator 
 +  * [[rfc:​use_function|Importing namespaced functions]]\\ Proposes to allow importing namespaced functions through a new `use function` sequence. 
 +  * [[rfc:​const_scalar_exprs|Constant Scalar Expressions (with constants)]]\\ This RFC proposes adding support for Constant Scalar Expressions with support for constants being operands. 
 +  * [[rfc:​incompat_ctx|Remove calls from incompatible context]]\\ Calls from incompatible context deprecated in 5.6 (will be removed in next version). 
 +  * [[rfc:​variadics|Dedicated syntax for variadic functions]]\\ This RFC introduces a dedicated syntax for variadic functions. 
 +  * [[rfc:​argument_unpacking|Argument unpacking]]\\ This RFC proposes a syntax for argument unpacking. 
 +  * [[rfc:​operator_overloading_gmp|Internal operator overloading and GMP improvements]]\\ Add support for operator overloading in internal classes and improve GMP using it 
 +  * [[rfc:​phpdbg|phpdbg]]\\ Distribute phpdbg with PHP, a PHP debugger 
 +  * [[rfc:​slim_post_data|Slim POST data]]\\ Use a temp PHP stream for HTTP payload. 
 +  * [[rfc:​crypt_function_salt|Crypt() function salt]]\\ This RFC proposes changing crypt() function'​s salt parameter treatment. 
 +  * [[rfc:​fpm_change_hat|Apparmor change_hat functionality for php-fpm]]\\ Proposes to add the possibility to change to a different hat under the apparmor LSM 
 +  * [[rfc:​tls-peer-verification|TLS Peer Verification]]\\ Enable peer verification by default for encrypted client streams. 
 +  * [[rfc::​improved-tls-defaults|Improved TLS Defaults]]\\ Implement more secure defaults for encrypted stream transfers 
 +  * [[rfc:​default_encoding|Default character encoding]]\\ Default character encoding handling in PHP. 
 +  * [[rfc:​pack_unpack_64bit_formats|64 bit format codes for pack() and unpack()]]\\ Adds format codes for converting 64 bit integers to and from binary strings. 
 +  * [[rfc:​timing_attack|Timing attack safe string comparison function]]\\ New function to perform time-constant string comparison (Created 2013/12/22)
 ===== Todos ===== ===== Todos =====
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