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Release Manager

Johannes Schlüter


  1. Beta Early Fall 2007
  2. Final Q1 2008

Merge from Head

  1. MFH namespaces Done
  2. MFH __callStatic Done
  3. MFH Object handler get_debug_info Done
  4. Add open_filename debug info to streams. Done
  5. New error message generation for parameter parsing API. Done

Todo items

  1. Symlink the intl extension from PECL, but leave it disabled by default as is the case with all extensions dependent on external libs
  2. Apply the Late Static Binding Patch Done
  3. Implement Sqlite3 support via the ext/sqlite extension (patch is already available)
  4. Introduce mysqlnd library into core and use it as a backend for PDO and mysqli/mysqli extensions (possibly enabling them by default)
  5. add array_replace[_recursive] (diff, phpt) (matt)
  6. Split off deprecation from E_STRICT into E_DEPRECATED Done (Lars, Felipe, Marcus)
  7. The new php.ini files parser/scanner + CGI/FastCGI “htaccess” style ini file support Done
  8. SPL improvements:
    1. Make DirectoryIterator implement ArrayAccess. (Marcus)
    2. Implement Spl(Array|Index|Member)Reference. (Marcus)
    3. Implement DualIterator in C. (Marcus)
    4. Implement RecursiveTreeIterator in C. (Marcus)
  9. merge the zend_arg_info const'ify patch (Dmitry, Nuno) Done
  10. merge Matt's ZEND_SIGNED_MULTIPLY_LONG() optimization patch (note: needs work for windows support. read the full thread for details)
  11. Merge the [ GCC 4 -fvisibility patch] (Dmitry, Nuno) Done
  12. Implement David's Circular Garbage collection patch. Done

To be discussed

  1. Replace flex scripts with re2c ones in Zend. This will fix the memleak issues of the lexer, make the lexer threadsafe and reentrant and allows to use emalloc on temp blocks automatically ([ read more here]). (marcus)
  2. [ add fileinfo extension] to core (Derick)
  3. userspace streams filter that acts as a default filter through which require/include read their files (Sebastian, Sara)
  4. XMLWriter:
    1. Add writeNode([xmlreader obj]), allow to create a push/pull parser
  5. Open items from PhP52

Future PHP releases

  1. Link phar extension from PECL into core (possibly enabling it by default)
  2. Introduce concept of “strict classes” that do not permit dynamic property creation
  3. Switch for disabling/enabling materialized cursors in mysqli
  1. Vote results, PhP53VoteResult
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