1. make a PECL package for ext/ming and release a version compatible with libming 0.3 (Frank)
  2. make a PECL package for ext/dbase and release current state
  3. make a PECL package for ext/fbase and release current state (Frank)
  4. finish the code cleanup of fileinfo (Pierre)
  5. add compression support to fileinfo (Pierre)
  6. additional re2c tweaks (Nuno/Marcus)
  7. Merge gd 2.1 to the bundled library (Pierre)
  8. Enable all features as long as the minimum GD version is available (2.0.36 for 5.3) (Pierre)
  9. htscanner: move the common part out of fcgi and enable it in the other sapis (or move it to the global SAPI) (Jani/Pierre)
  10. Openssl: allow signing to work with buffers and add helpers to create signed mails (Pierre)
  11. add openssl_parse_csr (Pierre)
  12. Zend Signal Handling (Lucas/Dmitry)
  13. Bring versioning in core extensions into line with PECL (Steph)
  14. userspace streams filter that acts as a default filter through which require/include read their files (Sebastian, Sara)
  15. implement proc_open's 'bypass_shell' option on linux (already works on windows). (Nuno)
  16. XMLWriter Add writeNode([xmlreader obj]), allow to create a push/pull parser
  17. SPL: Implement Spl(Array|Index|Member)Reference. (Marcus)
  18. Large File Support (Wez/Pierre)
  19. Introduce concept of “strict classes” that do not permit dynamic property creation
  20. Switch for disabling/enabling materialized cursors in mysqli
  21. “real” properties with attached getters and setters
  22. Backport the output buffering re-write from HEAD as described in bug #42641.
  23. add a function that returns tsrm_thread_id() (already covered by zend_thread_id() but only in debug ZTS mode) (Wez)
  24. add __getStatic() (Timm, Stas)
  25. add support for importing functions into namespaces (Greg)
  26. reference mess (once and for all) (derick)
  27. Only Unicode and binary string types. (andrei)
    1. Unicode-related errors should be exceptions
    2. keep user-visible API unified: no separate parse_url() for IDNA
  28. hash hook or interface (george)
  29. add autoconversion for parameter parsing api (marcus)
  30. add a way to get the internal object directly by parameter parsing api (marcus)
  31. get rid of *_ex() functions in engine where possible (marcus)
  32. provide a a replacement for the GD extension, being maintained and easy to extend (pierre)
  33. “ext/pimpmydate”, new date/time features, real OO interface (pierre)
  34. throwing exceptions in SoapServer and catching them with SoapClient (korving)
  35. a non-bankers-round round() variant (korving)
  36. being able to use array() when defining constants (korving)
  37. regular expression switch-matching (korving)
  38. add SRM (amico)
  39. add support for dangling commas
  40. fix openssl/curl to use stream transports
  41. provide a global __call for non existing functions (george)
  42. reimplement ext/zlib based on pecl/http code (mike)
  43. Make it possible to use objects implementing ArrayObject interface anywhere arrays are used.

Dropped Items

  1. items that have been marked deprecated since the dawn of PHP 4, and various function aliases (rasmus)
  2. Support for old type constructors (ezcLogMessage::ezcLogMessage()) (derick)
  3. SimpleXML on by default
  4. remove ext/mysql (georg)
  5. Implement inheritance rules for type hints. (marcus)
  6. add named parameters
  7. all fatal errors to become exceptions
  8. Using an undefined property in a class with defined properties should be a FATAL error, alternatively there could be some flag mechanism to mark files/classes etc as following “strict” fules (derick)
  9. add possibility to prevent dynamic class rewriting as in: “if (...) class {...} else class {...}” (marcus)
  10. make function names match CS and unify parameter order (derick)
  11. add Typehinted properties (marcus)
  12. Allow foreach() without as part and/or foreach() with special empty handling “forempty(); foreach();” (marcus)
  13. improved garbabe collection for long running scripts (georg)
  14. add debugger (georg)
  15. add support for <?php=“foo” ?>
  16. multiple inheritance (korving)
  17. a 'finally' block for exception handling (korving)
  18. ini run_tests_mode=(on|off) to suppress unicode/string difference in var_dump() for run-tests.php (marcus)
  19. Cleanup for {} vs. [] ?????
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