this box was decommisioned, the cvs stuff was killed, and svn was moved to the svn2 box

IP Address:
Sponsor: Yahoo! Inc.
Location: US
Technical Contact: Rasmus
Services: cvs(redirects to, cvsup(redirects to, viewvc, svn
CPU: Dual Xeon 3GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Disk Space: 6x73GB SCSI HD RAID10
OS: 64-bit FreeBSD 6
People with access to this machine:
Rasmus, Derick, Andrei, Andi, danbrown, Dsp, Gwynne, Gopal, Ilia, Sascha, Scoates, Wez, Zeev.

userlist and digest auth files are fetched from using ssh. look into /local/bin for the update scripts.

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