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-====== System Monitoring with Munin ====== 
-As part of our monitoring setup we are using [[|Munin]] to collect data for various metrics on our machines. The server is running on [[systems:sp1|sp1]]. The web interface is available at [[]]. Use your CVS account data for the authentication. 
-Currently the following machines are running ''munin-node'' instances: 
-  * [[systems:sp1|sp1]] 
-  * [[systems:nex1|nex1]] 
-  * [[systems:euk1|euk1]] 
-  * [[systems:euk2|euk2]] 
-  * [[systems:dp1|dp1]] 
-===== Node setup instructions ===== 
-In order to add a machine to the monitoring one must follow these steps: 
-  - Install the ''munin-node'' application. Most modern UNIX-like operating systems ship with it. For boxes with CentOS, make sure that [[|rpmforge]] is being used. 
-  - Allow ''sp1'' to connect to the node by adding an ''allow 66\.249\.27\.150'' line to the configuration file for ''munin-node''. 
-  - Depending on the machine it may be necessary to all access to port 4949 from the outside.  Use ''iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 4949 --src -j ACCEPT'' for this. 
-  - Let Martin (mj) know once the node is set up so that it can be added to the server's list of clients. 
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