System Monitoring with Munin

As part of our monitoring setup we are using Munin to collect data for various metrics on our machines. The server is running on sp1. The web interface is available at Use your CVS account data for the authentication.

Currently the following machines are running munin-node instances:

Node setup instructions

In order to add a machine to the monitoring one must follow these steps:

  1. Install the munin-node application. Most modern UNIX-like operating systems ship with it. For boxes with CentOS, make sure that rpmforge is being used.
  2. Allow sp1 to connect to the node by adding an allow 66\.249\.27\.150 line to the configuration file for munin-node.
  3. Depending on the machine it may be necessary to allow access to port 4949 from the outside. Use iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 4949 --src -j ACCEPT for this.
  4. Let Martin (mj) know once the node is set up so that it can be added to the server's list of clients.
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