Request for Comments: Short syntax for functions

This RFC is a parody on shortsyntaxforarrays RFC.


In some cases it is necessary that you have to declare a lot of functions. Especially when you work with classes and their methods, the function declaration tends to make the code looking ugly. If you take a look at other languages (Brainfuck, Brainfork, Feckfeck, Smallfuck, Ook! and Spoon), they don't have such syntax at all! It's all short and readable and easy to type! Maybe PHP should adopt this behaviour to make code more readable and maintainable. The purpose of RFCs are to work collaboratively towards a specification and finally an implementation of an idea.


We might just replace the current function <name>(<parameters>) {<body>} syntax with something shorter and better. I'd personally propose to use dashes and dots for everything of the above. It's short and you can read it really fast.

Example code:

function some_long_function_name($array_parameter_omg, $some_more)

New short non-ugly easily readable example code:

. .[., .].

Proposal and Patch

No patch is available yet. I'm working on it, though.


  1. 2011-06-01 : Changed the RFC to include dashes.
  2. 2011-06-01 : Initial revision.
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