PHP RFC: Voting Threshold


Accepting a new feature or change in behavior comes with long term consequences for support and maintenance. Under the current 50%+1 threshold for new (non-syntax-based) features, a highly contentious feature can be accepted with only the barest of majorities.


Increase the minimum vote threshold for runtime related non-syntax RFCs from 50%+1 to 60%. This increase would not apply to RFC process changes or any RFC not directly focused on changing the behavior of the language or runtime. For example, this RFC (if passed) could be repealed with a 50%+1 majority as it does not directly impact the PHP runtime's behavior.

RFC Impact

RFCs currently in voting phase at the time of this RFC's acceptance would not be subject to this change in voting threshold. Any RFC which moves into voting phase after the passage of this one would apply the new threshold's standards.

Open Issues

Is 60% aggressive enough? Would 2/3 majority (same as for syntax changes) be preferred?

Proposed Voting Choices

Q. Increase the voting threshold from 50%+1 to 60% for runtime-impacting non-syntax changes?

Requires 50%+1 to pass.

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