PHP RFC: Merge Nikita Popov into Core


Modern PHP is a manifestation of the best parts of the consciousness of its contributors.

That totally blew your mind, right ?


We propose that, after a minimum of 42 lines of any contributors code is merged into PHP, they should become eligible to have their consciousness merged into the core, in its entirety.

We further propose that after an arbitrary and as yet undecided upper limit, merging consciousness with the core becomes mandatory.

We propose that whatever the limit, Nikita must have breached it, and should be the first contributor to be merged mandatorily.

Proposed PHP Version(s)

PHP 6.0

RFC Impact


SAPIs will benefit from the full glory of integration.

To Existing Extensions

All good things.

To Opcache

Opcache will be provided with its own unicorn.

Open Issues


Future Scope

The future will be totally sweet ...

Proposed Voting Choices


  • Merge Nikita into core.
  • Merge Nikita into core, and build a large wall around internals, at the expense of the Ruby community.

Voting will be mandatory. A 1/42 minority is required.


When Nikita provides a patch, we will link to it.

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