PHP RFC: Deprecations for PHP 8.0


The RFC proposes to deprecate the listed functionality in PHP 8.0 and remove it in PHP 9.

The following list provides a short overview of the functionality targeted for deprecation, while more detailed explanation is provided in the Proposal section:

  • date_sunrise() and date_sunset()
  • DateTimeInterface::ISO8601/DATE_ISO8601
  • get_browser


Each feature proposed for deprecation is voted separately and requires a 2/3 majority. All votes refer to deprecation in PHP 8.0 and removal in PHP 9.0.

date_sunrise() and date_sunset()

In favor of date_sun_info(). Ini settings date.default_latitude and date.default_longitude will also be removed once the functions are gone. See https://github.com/php/php-src/pull/4423.


This format is misleading as per the documentation it is actually not compatible with ISO-8601 and DateTime::ATOM/DATE_ATOM should be used instead.


This function is part of the standard library but requires an external dependency (browscap.ini) to work. Moreover, userland implementations are faster than this function. (See user note 122181: http://docs.php.net/manual/en/function.get-browser.php#122181)

nikic: I disagree.

key(), current(), next(), prev(), reset() on objects


Accessing static members on traits


Optional param after required

Backward Incompatible Changes

For PHP 8.0 additional deprecation notices will appear. For PHP 9.0 the previously deprecated functionality will no longer be available.

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