PHP RFC - Consistent class-constant override


Currently, a class constant can be overridden in inheritors, but it's disallowed in interfaces.

// The following works:
class A1                { const X = 1; }
class B1 extends A1     { const X = 2; }
// This doesn't:
interface A2            { const X = 1; }
interface B2 extends A2 { const X = 2; }
// This doesn't work either:
interface A3            { const X = 1; }
class B3 implements A3  { const X = 2; }

Even if this restriction had a purpose, it's not really effective since it has only effect in direct inheritors:

// This works:
interface A3                    { const X = 1; }
abstract class B3 implements A3 { } // Can't override here
class B4 extends B3             { const X = 2; } // But can do here


This RFC proposes to normalize the behavior so that constant override is allowed everywhere. This is not an invite at reckless overriding but simply a matter of consistency. Class constants are constants only within the class they are defined in; child classes inherit them by default but the user can optionally override them if desired.

Backward Incompatible Changes


Proposed PHP Version:


Future scope:

If desired by the community, the 'final' keyword could be introduced in order to actually prevent constant override.


2/3 majority will be required.


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