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  • Name: David Coallier
  • Name: Gregory Beaver
  • Name: Joshua Eichorn
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  • This RFC is under the BSD License

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This document is to outline the RFC Policy structures.


This is the document to outline the process by which the PEAR Group will fullfil its constitutional duty of Create and vote on actual language for all official PEAR policy that affects more than 1 collective (simple majority approves policy) This process supersedes previous mechanisms for creating RFCs

Approach & Requirements

In order to propose an RFC, this document must be followed consistently.


  • RFC - Request for Comments
  • Proposal - An RFC that hasn't been voted on by the PEAR group and accepted
  • Sponsor - a PEAR Group member who agrees to coordinate the process of turning an RFC from a proposal to accepted policy.

Approval Process

  • A proposal is sponsored by a PEAR Group member
  • The PEAR Group reviews the proposal and accepts it for public review by majority vote
    • Notice of the public review should be sent to the pear-dev mailing lists
    • The review period should last from 10 to 30 days with the exact time set by the proposal's sponsor
  • The proposal's sponsor puts it forward for vote by the PEAR group
  • The proposal is approved by simple majority of the PEAR Group as defined in the constitution
  • The proposal takes effect and becomes official policy when it is published in the PEAR manual at


All approved proposals will be published to the RFC section in the manual Information from the proposals should be put directly in appropriate sections of the manual with links to the full RFC provided

Document Format

The document should be created in plain text, a template is provided

Document Outline

All proposals should contain the following sections

  • Information
    • Document Information
    • Author Information
    • Legal Information
    • Discussion List
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Approach & Requirements
  • Definition
  • Security Considerations
  • Possible Problems

Please see:

Security Considerations


Possible Problems


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