libxslt is the XSLT C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome project from

PHP currently uses version 1.1.27 released 2012.09.12

For PHP suitable sources and up-to-date information see

Due to the way we link libxslt and libxml2, we have our own custom libxslt build. The change lies in the fact that we dynamically link the static libxslt lib to the libxml2 library. When libxslt is statically built into an extension, it dynamically links to the php dll exporting the libxml2 symbols. In order to support pre Win2K systems, libxslt is built without crypto support:

cscript configure.js lib="<path to iconv lib dir>;<path to libxml2 lib dir>" include="<path to iconv header dir>;<path to libxml2 header dir>" crypto=no

Our custom build requires changes to the Makefile.msvc file found within the libxslt win32 directory. libxslt-makefile.msvc.patch.txt

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