LibPq (Postgresql Client Library) Windows, How to compile

Building LibPq 8.3.x

For PHP suitable sources and up-to-date information see



Modification to the config scripts (all VCs)

The ready to be used sources are available in our source repository However this section describes the changes required for postgresql 8.3.3. They should work for other 8.3.x releases (hopefully :)

To make it works smoothly with our libraries, it is first needed to modify the script to look for:

  • zlib.lib instead of zdll.lib
  • ssleay32.lib instead of ssleay32MD.lib
  • libeay32.lib instead of libeay32MD.lib

and for the debug versions:

  • zlib_debug.lib instead of zdll.lib
  • ssleay32_debug.lib instead of ssleay32MDd.lib
  • libeay32_debug.lib instead of libeay32MDd.lib

To do so, open src\tools\msvc\ (line 332):

$proj->AddLibrary($self->{options}->{zlib} . '\lib\zlib.lib');

The configuration option given through the command line does not work. Edit the src\tools\msvc\ to define the correct path. Here is an example using my local config:

our $config = {
    asserts=>0,			# --enable-cassert
    integer_datetimes=>0,   # --enable-integer-datetimes
    nls=>undef,				# --enable-nls=<path>
    tcl=>'c:\tcl',		# --with-tls=<path>
    perl=>'c:\perl', 			# --with-perl
    python=>'c:\python24', # --with-python=<path>
    #krb5=>'c:\prog\pgsql\depend\krb5', # --with-krb5=<path>
    ldap=>0,			# --with-ldap
    openssl=>'c:\Users\pierre\Documents\php-sdk\vc8\x86\deps', # --with-ssl=<path>
    uuid=>'c:\prog\pgsql\depend\ossp-uuid', #--with-ossp-uuid
    zlib=>'c:\Users\pierre\Documents\php-sdk\vc8\x86\deps'# --with-zlib=<path>

Nothing else is necessary as long as the VC version is 2005 or later. See the next section for the changes I applied for the VC6 builds.

Modification to the sources (VC6) only

libpq relies on SHGetFolderPath which is not available in the Platform SDK used by VC6 (2003/02). Modify the file \src\backend\libpq\fe-connect.c (line 3812) as follow:

#ifndef SHGetFolderPath
HMODULE shfolder = LoadLibrary("shfolder.dll");
FARPROC qSHGetFolderPath;
#define CSIDL_APPDATA 0x001a
char szPath[MAX_PATH];
shfolder = LoadLibrary("shfolder.dll");
if(shfolder == NULL) {
	return false;
qSHGetFolderPath = GetProcAddress(shfolder, "SHGetFolderPathA");
if (qSHGetFolderPath == NULL) {
	return NULL;
if (qSHGetFolderPath(NULL, CSIDL_APPDATA, NULL, 0, szPath)) {
	return NULL;
	if (SHGetFolderPath(NULL, CSIDL_APPDATA, NULL, 0, tmppath) != S_OK)
		return false;

Further changes have to be done after having run the configure scripts, to update pg_config.h, pg_config_os.h, see the next section for the details.


The automatic build works smoothly for VC8 and VC9. However it is not compatible with VC6, the generated files have to be slightly modified after that build.bat has been called (and failed with many errors).

cd  C:\php-sdk\vc9\x86\libs_builds\postgresql-8.3.3\tools\msvc
build.bat libpq

Modify src\src\include\pg_config.h as follow, line 136:

/* Define to 1 if your compiler understands __FUNCTION__. */
#if _MSV_VER >= 1500

SSPI auth is supported by the Platform SDK used by VC6, it has to be disabled:

 * Always build with SSPI support. Keep it as a #define in case
 * we want a switch to disable it sometime in the future.
#ifndef __BORLANDC__
# if _MSC_VER >= 1500
#  define ENABLE_SSPI 1
# endif


For VC8 and VC9, the build.bat script works out of the box (with the changes). The dll should be in the Release or Debug directory.

For VC6, open the pgsql.dsw (it has dozen of dsp, but we need only two) in VC6. Build first libpgport then libpq. The dependency requires a change:

  • drop secur32.lib (odbc*, ole*, gdi* as well but they are harmless)

It may not find the .lib or headers for openssl or zlib, in that case simply fix the project settings:

  • Add ..\..\..\deps\include to the include path option
  • Add ..\..\..\deps\lib to the additionals library path option

Absolute path works as well but they make your tree path dependent. These relative paths will work by default with the php-sdk.

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