libcURL - the multiprotocol file transfer library

Available prebuilt libraries

All prebuilt libraries are available as part of the PHP SDK


  • CURL sources, patched, available in here
  • OpenSSL binaries and development files
  • Libssh2 binaries and development files
  • Zlib binaries and development files
  • Create a clean build tree without the classic php dependencies in ..\..\deps but only the required deps (ssl and zlib). Having curl headers in your include path is likely to break the build



Example release build command line:

nmake /f mode=static VC=9 WITH_DEVEL=D:\repo\curl_deps WITH_SSL=static WITH_ZLIB=static WITH_SSH2=static ENABLE_WINSSL=no USE_IDN=no GEN_PDB=yes DEBUG=no

Note that php is always using a dynamic openssl runtime. Even when using WITH_SSL=static, openssl dlls are required.

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