C-client for Windows, How to compile

C-client is a common API for accessing mailboxes. For more information, please see the UW IMAP homepage: WWW:

Available prebuilt libraries

All prebuilt libraries are available in the php-libs repositories

For PHP suitable sources and up-to-date information see

The filename format is:

where x.y.z defines the version, vcversion which Visual C++ has been used and architecture defines whether the build is for win32 or win64.

Only static library (cclient_a.lib) are available for now.

Building CCLient 2007b


  • imap-2007a Sources, fetch our version or the original sources (no patch required)
  • Common tools used to compile PHP

Preparing the sources

Simply uncompress the sources archives.


Modify the file in imap-2007b\sc\osdep\nt\makefile.w2k, on line 39:

  CCLIENTLIB = cclient_a.lib

src\ipopd\makefile.w2k on line 29:

  CCLIENTLIB = $C\cclient_a.lib

src\mailutil\makefile.w2k on line 29

  CCLIENTLIB = $C\cclient_a.lib

src\mtest\makefile.w2k on line 29

 CCLIENTLIB = $C\cclient_a.lib

No other special configuration required. Be sure to have the platform SDK in your path.



The following command:

cd imap-2007b\
nmake /f makefile.w2k

will build the cclient.lib required to build php's imap extension.

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