PhD Improvements (Plugin System)


  • Student: Moacir de Oliveira Miranda Junior
  • Nickname: moacirdeo
  • Mentor: Hannes Magnusson
  • Mentor nickname: bjori
  • Timezone: GMT -4 (Moacir), GMT+2 (Hannes)
  • Mailing list:
  • IRC: #php.doc @ EFNet


Today, PhD is centric in projects and needs some improvements to be useful to others projects. In Google Summer of Code 2008 was added output formats/themes and other things, however these formats/themes are very attached to the main code of the PhD and is impossible to develop a new theme without changing the main code. The aim of my proposal is develop a Plugin System to manage Themes and Formats, to enable other projects writing their own themes without modify the main code of PhD.


First Part (23 May to 13 July)

Sprint 1 (23 May to 6 June)

  • Begin merging stuff from ENTERPRISE to HEAD
  • Discuss the design with the community

Sprint 2 - (07 June to 20 June)

  • Separate formats in abstracts and concrete classes
  • Make concrete formats “plug and play”

Sprint 3 - (21 June to 04 July)

  • Merge the SQLite Indexer from ENTERPRISE to HEAD
  • Write tests

Sprint 4 - (05 July to 13 July)

  • Midterm evaluations

Second Part (14 July to 24 August)

Sprint 5 - (14 July to 25 July)

  • Implement PI (Processing Instructions) support
  • Write tests

(We decided not to render the books Docbook: The Definitive Guide and Producing Open Source Software to focus in port the old Themes to new Packages)

Sprint 6 - (26 July to 08 August)

  • Port the Pear Themes to Packages

Sprint 7 - (09 August to 22 August)

  • Port the PHP Themes to Packages

Sprint 8 - (16 August to 24 August)

  • Final Evaluations
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