Code management

The PHP project uses CVS for tracking it's code. For using's CVS server please check For getting write access on a repository you can request an account on - before doing that please check with your mentor to define what kind of access you need for your specific project.

If you are using anything other than CVS then make sure its public and noted on your project page.

Coding styles

For code written in the C programming language please mind our general standards: Projects written in PHP should follow the PEAR Coding Standards: And again: Your specific project might have other standards, please check with your mentor.

Status Updates

At a minimum status updates should be sent every 2 weeks, these should be sent to the appropriate mailing list and cc'd to, your mentor may ask for more regular updates.

You can find a template for your report here

Exams / Holidays

Let your mentor know and ideally document this on the wiki page, especially if you're going to miss a status update. We'd rather know why you weren't working than having to make assumptions.

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