Bug Tracker Improvements


  • Student: Felipe Ribeiro Nogueira Barbosa
  • Mentor: Philip Olson (philip)
  • Timezone: GMT -3 (Felipe), GMT -8 (Philip)
  • Communication: Mailing list: -- IRC: #php.doc on EFnet -- private email -- gtalk


The initial idea was to directly improve code (php-bugs-web) but then the group decided to instead work on the rewrite. Both were possible and discussed while the GSoC proposal was proposed and discussed.

So, this summer the goal is to get the Bugtracker codebase working and likely implemented for the PEAR, PECL and PHP projects. In other words, all three (and other, like GTK) will use one bug tracker.


Various updates made by Philip and Felipe

  • April 27 : Discussed behaviour in terms of communication (mailing lists, IRC), list subscriptions, and version control systems
  • April 29 : Determined the first task is to research the mailing lists and wiki for peoples ideas/desires/thoughts regarding the bug system
  • April 30 : Decided to first ask for a wiki account, and later a CVS account after showing some work/code
  • May 1 : Introduction email written to (cc: php-webmaster@)
  • May 20 : Decided to use pear/Bugtracker and phpweb/bugs as a base
  • May 28 : Began coding part of GSoC. Starting with removing deprecated libraries from bugtracker, and merging in code from phpweb/bugs
  • May 30 : Decided to replace DB with MDB2
  • Jun 26 : Finished migration from DB to MDB2, remove Savant and Damblan
  • Jul 1 : Decided to implement and SVN integration
  • Jul 15 : Implemented RSS 2.0
  • Jul 20 : Implemented SVN Client and we're discussing how to integrate with bugtracker


  • Initial code is pear/Bugtracker which is a fork of pearweb/bugs from a couple years ago with modifications made by Jani to unify and convert the current bugs database
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