MySQL SOFT deprecation:

  • function pages should include warnings, with a link to api.choosing
  • function pages should include link to alternatives, e.g., mysql_connect() -> mysqli_connect()
  • ext/mysql/migration should exist, with mysqli+PDO_MySQL examples

PHP.NET update:

  • mysql->mysqli migration, where appropriate. Begin with master.

Notes about this TODO

Some of the items here are brain storms so could be crazy, may never happen, others may do, etc. So feel free to comment. Most (or versions of) will be done though... but when? Soon hopefully.

  • Rewrite the Doc HOWTO *progressing*
  • And everything else I promised to do during the next year as seen here: (add these as separate items)
  • Setup wiki ACL *we moved to another wiki*
  • Translations
  • Standardize titles for every extension, book.xml/reference.xml bug report
  • extensions.xml.php update, deal with missing reference.xml/book.xml
  • Ask people to review new ref style, and write docs for it (internals and general) but have one good example first
  • Remove PHP 3 stuff, update faqs
  • UPGRADE 5.3 document *started here*
  • Deal with version information, split up, allow static info as source can be wrong
  • Add PEAR Channel support to PhD, install MySQL on PB11 to do so
  • Talk less about register_globals, not as big of a deal now, update manual accordingly *starting with new language/predefined/*
  • Mention ' ' and '.' turn to '_' via HTTP request
  • Organize the FAQ effort *started, helping*
  • Help find someone to create the Indexer for PhD *Hannes and a GSoC student*
  • Find/build server to build past php versions for testing of doc changelogs, and testing how FC we were/are
  • Document flags and context parameters (bjori) somewhere, like why we use | and constants
  • Update haru docs with missing roles, make it a good OOP doc structure example
  • Update SPL docs to new doc style and add missing roles, encourage editing
  • Remove dead deprecated extensions as per this email
  • Rewrite include/require docs, consider splitting file up like types.xml was
  • Update all orphan notes *progressing*
  • Officially discuss the magic quotes rfc
  • Group all open doc bugs by category/extension/etc. and encourage people to add info (and mark them as verified)
  • Document the inclued extension *partially done*
  • Cleanup: grep -ir “linkend='function” |wc -l --> (~300)
  • Fix xml:id's and update appropriate translations
  • Go through every extensions documentation and clean up reference/setup/book information.
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