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-====== The 2009 / 2010 redesign of php.net ====== +====== The 2009 - 2013 redesign of php.net ====== 
-Yes, reallyDaniel Burka is leading the charge, and will add to this wiki. +Many people have worked on the redesign of the siteCurrently the most active developers are Paul Dragoonis and Levi Morrison.
 ====== Goals ====== ====== Goals ======
-===== Header ===== +Each bolded item in list states a goal and the sub-list states some ways we can accomplish the goal. At this point, many ideas have been implemented; see [[web:redesign:howtohelp]]. 
-The main (only) focus of the design (look) itself today.+ 
 +  * **Improve navigation** 
 +    * Enlarged size for priority and ease of use.  
 +    * Simplify amount of items to prioritize the more important ones. 
 +    * Clarify intent of left-hand navigation in documentation sections. 
 +    * Add auto-complete to search-box. 
 +  * **Have clearly identifiable content** 
 +    * Remove visual clutter, such as excessive borders and boxes 
 +    * Make each section visually distinct for stronger visual clarity. 
 +  * **Adapt to various screen sizes** 
 +    * Maybe use Twitter bootstrap? 
 +    * Navigation on smaller screen needs to get out of the way of content. 
 +  * **Simplify homepage** 
 +    * Remove thanks to. 
 +    * Remove events and conferences. 
 +  * **Face lift** 
 +    * Larger text size, more spacing, streamlined colors.
-===== Search ===== 
-Currently being worked on. See also [[ideas:phpnetsearch]] 
-===== Sitemap ===== +===== Previous work/ideas ===== 
-Beginning stages of discussion: [[web:redesign:sitemap]]+Earlier work pinning down a [[web:redesign:sitemap]].
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