Moving to SVN: FireFighting

As we probably have to switch VCS sometime in the future we need to document all cvs->svn fires that break out so we can be better prepared next time.

This page should contain all known fires - so please update when you start seeing the smoke.

It would also be appreciate if you can assign your name to fires to avoid duplicated work.

Be sure to read svnfaq too :)

General fires

  • The daily “changelog” script needs to be updated to use SVN

  • Uses a local copy of CVSROOT/passwd for authentication. Needs to use the API on master. (Jani)
  1. Code is fixed, needs server side TOKEN environment variable to be set in Apache conf and the scripts updated, Derick?

  • Uses CVS checkouts for bunch of things, need to be updated to use SVN checkouts

  • Uses cvsup to update everything rsyncable (cvsup needs fixing to point to svn?) (Derick?)
  • phpdoc is built from cvs checkouts (needs to be 'generalized' to use “phpdoc-build” user/group) (Derick?)

  • Needs to use SVN for checkouts (derick)
  1. I am on this, but will take some time...

  • This windows box (chm builder) needs to be upgraded to use SVN rather then CVS

===== ===== (master)

  • systems/ updated to use SVN checkout (bjori)
  • mirrors/php-master-web/ updated to use SVN checkout (bjori)
  • Can't find other CVS checkouts, should be fine now


  • General changes to the PEAR manual to reflect svn and rather than
  • Fix scripts that check out from cvs (peardoc/scripts) (bbieber)
  • Fix crontab entries using cvs

  • Minor changes to to reflect SVN rather than CVS on links “PECL/PHP Coding Standards” & “PHP5/ZendEngine 2 Object internals”

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