CVS to SVN Migration

This page will collect all information about the CVS2SVN migration of PHP's repositories. Subversion currently seems like a very likely candidate as the future core VCS for PHP. The history has actually already been imported and now the main task is to port all the existing CVS dependent infrastructure.


IRC channel:

  1. #php.svn (EFNet)

Further information:

  1. Conversion of the CVS repository to SVN
  2. Scripts which have to be touched when doing the migration

Stakeholders of the migration which should be heared after defining the migration plan are: (random order)

  1. PHP developers
  2. PEAR Developers
  3. PHP Documentation group
  4. Website Teams
  5. People using for sharing talks

Other bigger OpenSource projects which migrated from CVS to SVN and which might probably assist include

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