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Git on

  • The main git user is called git
  • His home directory is in /git
  • We use gitolite
  • Repos are stored in /git/repositories

Creating a new repository

  1. You need access to
  2. Add the repository to the long long list of repos in conf/gitlite.conf
  3. OR Add the repository itself to conf/gitolite.conf
    1. Ensure RW+ is set to @all
    2. Ensure R is set to daemon gitweb
    3. Ensure config.sharedRepository = true
    4. Add a description at the end of the file
    5. Do not give access to any other user except daemon and gitweb
  4. Create the repo on github. Use dash instead of slashes e.g. pecl/numbers/bitset becomes pecl-numbers-bitset on github
  5. Import the repository using svn2git.
    1. An author map will be made available soon
    2. Push it to the newly created repository.
      1. I use git push –all
      2. I use git push –tags
    3. Make sure all branches are pushed
  6. Add the appropriate hooks.mailinglist config variable
    1. Do that AFTER you pushed the initial repository or people will hate you.
  7. Rename <REPO> to <REPO>.git in the global_avail file in SVNROOT.

karma & co is going to be installed automatically. If you have problem call

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